Published On : Tue, Nov 29th, 2022
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The naked truth about online dating services



The human need for communication and strong social connections is increasingly pushing us to use online dating services and other platforms for communication. Social networks, instant messengers, webcam chats, themed forums, streaming services — all these and much more allow you to maintain social connections and create new ones. And that’s great!


If we are talking about online dating, their advantages are really obvious:

  1. Maximum convenience and comfort. You can meet and communicate with people in any way and from anywhere.
  2. Huge selection of potential partners. You’re no longer limited to your inner circle of friends, but you can meet people from all over the world.
  3. More self-confidence. Online dating helps us cope with shyness and feel more confident than offline dating. In addition, the fear of being dumped is lower.

Already these points are enough to understand how online dating is easy  and promising for a person today. But is everything truly so cloudless? Well, not really. Online dating has many disadvantages that are worth talking about. But if you know about them and be prepared, these disadvantages can be turned into advantages. And we can tell you how to do this…

Turning the cons of online dating into pros

1.The audience for dating services can be very specific

Popular dating sites have millions of users. Among them are many completely normal people, interested in communication and making friends. However, there are also many frankly strange people who you’ll definitely not want to hang out with. You will encounter both, there’s no way round this.

The main advice here is not to waste your own time on unsavory users and move on. You can even use it to your advantage. Note what exactly you don’t like about this or that person, what seems strange and completely unacceptable. In the future, this will help you evaluate other people more accurately and quickly understand whether your relationship has a chance to develop.

2.People on dating sites are often not how they want to appear

Retouched photos, a polished up biography, a carefully selected list of interests — all of this ultimately creates a completely false image of a person on a dating site. It may seem to you that the other person is ideal and exactly the one you’ve been looking for all your life. But in reality it turns out that this is just an image that a person tries to personify, but cannot.

It’s especially easy to be misled if you communicate only via text — it is almost impossible to get to know a person in this way. If you really want to understand who you are talking to, use cam chat. Here you will immediately see who is in front of you, how they look, how they behave, how they communicate, and so on. Try webcam chats such as BIGO LIVE, CooMeet, Tango, Azar and others — you’ll love the absence of fake personalities!

3.Sometimes online dating is quite expensive

While most dating sites and apps advertise themselves as free, they really aren’t. For free, they provide only a minimal set of functions and have numerous restrictions. For example, without a premium account, you won’t be able to reply to messages. Or you won’t be able to see who is attracted to you. So in order to get the most out of the dating service, you need to pay constantly. For example, access to premium features on Tinder costs between $0.99 and $19.99. And this is not a one-time payment, but a limited subscription.

On the other hand, paid access can be an advantage. It does a good job of eliminating scammers, internet trolls and problem users. They don’t want to spend their own money just to ruin other people’s dating experiences. It is easier for them to use the free services.

4.There are a lot of fakes on dating sites, cam chats and apps

This is a serious problem indeed. Some users, in pursuit of popularity, create celebrity accounts, others use other people’s photos downloaded from the internet, and others come up with an entirely fabricated image. Everyone’s reasons are different. Some just want attention, while others are scammers.

Be that as it may, you must be aware when dealing with other users . And if possible, communicate via video chat, not just by text messaging. Only a face-to-face video conversation will help you understand whether the person in front of you is real or just another fake. We also recommend using dating services that provide account verification. For example, camchat app CooMeet requires verification of user data. As a result, there are simply no fakes and bots here, making it very user-friendly.

5.Many dating site users do not know what they want

Have you actually defined your goals clearly? Do you want to find your true love? Or maybe you want to expand your circle of friends? Or have you just decided to chat with new people at your leisure with no further prospects?

Lack of precise goals is a serious problem for many people. They do not fully understand what they expect from a dating service, and as a result, simply waste their time in vain. In doing this, they suck up the time of other people whose goals are more specific. So here’s some advice: first of all, determine what exactly you want from a dating service.

6.Not all dating services meet high privacy standards

It’s a known fact that not all developers of dating services care seriously about the confidentiality and security of their users. The only recommendation we can give is to be careful in choosing a site and evaluate how safe it is.

Today security is a lot better than it used to be, and users are much more aware of scammers, but this is not a reason to be careless and give all your personal information to the first dating service that comes along.

 7.Pair selection algorithms do not always work perfectly

Promises by online dating services to find you the perfect match nearly instantly are nothing more than marketing. There is no ideal algorithm for finding a soulmate. And it is unlikely that one will ever appear. We advise you to consider such algorithms as a useful feature rather than a golden ticket. But you definitely shouldn’t rely on them.

Trust us, sometimes it’s easier and more efficient to use cam-to-cam chat with limited search filters to find people instead of trusting your fate to algorithms of debatable effectiveness. They can be wrong, and often are.

Make online dating work for you

As you can see, modern online dating has many advantages and disadvantages, just like any other dating format. However a few shortcomings are nbo reason to rule out an entire medium. It’s just important to understand, anticipate and work around those shortcomings.

We hope we’ve convinced you of the usefulness of online dating and better prepared you for what to expect when using a dating site, app or random cam chat. Any of these formats can suit you if you engage with it sensibly, clearly define your own goals and devote enough time to finding your soulmate. Do not despair if your first acquaintances are awkward or unfulfilling – that’s completely normal. Sooner or later you’ll meet the very person you have always dreamed of. But you won’t unless you take part.