Published On : Wed, Sep 30th, 2020

The Hothur Foundation helping the helpless

Hothur Foundation is promoted by Wahab group of companies, a name associated with diversified business in Karnataka. Mining industry business being their main-fold business, they follow the high quality systematic and scientific standards to protect the environment and conserve nature. They continuously strive to improve landscaping by planting and nurturing trees and thus adhere to the eco-friendly and sustainable mining methods.

The Wahab Group of companies always believes in “Giving back to the Society” has consciously on its own, embraced itself with the corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). The Hothur Foundation, under the leadership of Hothur Shadab Wahab is aimed at addressing and uplifting of the economically backward by providing for basic amenities including quality educations, medical aid, maternity guidance, counseling, matrimonial aid for girls as well contribution to infrastructural growth through roads, education centers and bus shelters etc.

The Hothur Foundation also partners with other charitable institutions and corporate set up who share the common vision of a better life for the deserving. Shadab Wahab’s Hothur Foundation turns saviour for thousands .

Shadab Wahab has been spearheading various campaigns to spread awareness and help those who need of support. Last four months have been particularly challenging for many people, who, have been trying to make a living, stay safe or find a peaceful life.

Shadab Wahab, whose empathetic efforts have touched thousands of lives, has helped in aiding women who are suffering terrible domestic violence being stuck in an abusive household, and helping thousands of daily wage workers and their families financially , there has been nothing that Hothur Foundation has left incomplete.

So much so, besides understanding one’s physical limitations like hunger and shelter, Hothur Foundation has also given special attention to everyone’s mental health in the ongoing lockdown. The organisation has been on the mission to support all underprivileged people and provide them with necessities from the time lockdown started and have distributed thousands of hygiene kits so far to different villages .

Every acid attack survivor, who also doubles up as creative artisans in Hothur Foundation along with domestic abuse victims have been enrolled in Yoga sessions for one’s peaceful mental health. In the past too, Shadab Wahab has brought together different worlds together to present the unparallel talent acid attack survivors possess, giving them confidence to win at life. Providing them with excellent medical aid supporting them with rehabilitation camps cataract surgeries and financial support for the families who have faced gender violence .

Hothur foundation also collaborated with Sonu Sood and Shah Rukh Khan with his Meer Foundation in spreading awareness about SKIN BANKING for those who have faced acid attacks.