The great parking exploitation of Nagpur Airport!

Nagpur is yet to get most of the facilities that a truly international airport has, but exploitation in the name of ‘progress’, which was always there to some degree, has gone into 4th gear now.
Wonder if it is the first sign of privatization?

Yesterday evening, I was late going to the airport to pick up my 5 year old twin granddaughters who had accompanied my husband to Nagpur from Mumbai. They had already collected their bags and were coming out. So I asked them to wait there as I had already entered the airport premises and would collect them from ‘Arrivals’ directly. They were waiting there, but the Security guard would not allow them to get into the car nor load the luggage.

“Go to the parking, pay parking charges, load luggage there and then go home” he instructed us.

When I requested him to let them get in quickly as both the girls were unwell with fever and cold, he said they could get in with the driver but I would have to get out and walk to the parking! And finally that’s what we had to do – drive the car around to go to parking; my husband had to transport the trolley there, we had to pay parking, and then emerge! What a needless farce!

Nagpur is the only place where Ola and Uber will cost comparatively more since they have been designated to pick up customers after paying airport charges and parking which is then loaded into your ‘fare’.

But flouting of all rules, including safety rules continue being flouted by VIPs – politicians as well as bureaucrats, police seniors etc.

As you enter the airport proper, there are 3 lanes of traffic on the road which has ‘Departure’ and ‘Arrival gates’. I have learnt from the Airport authorities that the innermost and first lane is to be kept vacant at all times for ‘Emergencies’. (In case fire, bomb scare or any other mishap, if ambulances and police cars have to respond fast and be effective they MUST have a drive way free for quick access to distressed people.

But one always finds VIP vehicles not just collecting their passengers, but even parked there till arrival of aeroplane. You can find 2 – 3 cars parked there at most times.

Thus even safety rule flouted to gratify VIP ego and pampering.

All rules in the name of safety – and for profit? – are meant only for commoners.