Published On : Sat, May 30th, 2015

The freedom of speech denied by the govt is in bad taste opine Nagpur students


In a controversial move, IIT-Madras has banned a discussion forum for students following an anonymous complaint that it tried to spread “hatred” against Prime Minister Modi by mobilizing SC/ST students to question government policies on the use of Hindi and the ban on cow slaughter.

The decision followed after the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) made an inquiry regarding the anonymous complaint it had received on the activities of the Ambedkar Periyar Student Circle (APSC) on the IIT campus. The complainant had enclosed one of APSC’s pamphlets reproducing a speech which criticized the Modi government and its policies.


The IIT Dean (for students), Sivakumar M Srinivasan, sent a terse email to the co-ordinators of the APSC on May 24, informing them that they had been “derecognized”. Members of APSC are now up in arms pointing out that the HRD Ministry’s action and the IIT’s decision to ban their activities was based on an anonymous complaint by right-wing groups and that they were denied a hearing.

Nagpur Today wanted to know the opinion of the students in Nagpur over the ban on the activities of the Ambedkar Periyar Student Circle (APSC) on the IIT campus. The students expressed the following opinion.

Swapnil MahanatreSwapnil Mahantare an Engineering Student, claimed that Government has to face flaks for its wrong policies and this is one of its fine examples. Criticizing the government is not a new thing but taking adverse action for criticizing is definitely in bad taste.

Aakash TaywadeAakash Taywade – Engineering Student, felt that every person has the fundamental right and freedom of speech to express his or her opinion on any particular subject or topic. However, lately it appears that the freedom of speech is slowly dying in our country. The ban should be lifted immediately.

Anurag KarangleAnurag Karnagle- Senior Research Analyst, said that the Ministry of HRD did the right thing to ban those students, since no one has any rights to cast aspersions against the Prime Minister.

Pankaj PahadePankaj Pahade – Engineering Student, said that Government should first ban the zealot entities. They should then come to students. Many such things even occurred during Congress reign, but they never took such harsh actions against students. The action of HRD ministry is definitely a wrong decision.

Sneha KumariSneha Kumari – Student, opined that the students should be allowed to express what they want without putting any restriction on their freedom of speech. Banning is not right decision.

SauraveSaurave Jain – Engineering Student: It’s the wrong use of powers, to suppress the common people demands justice. Those who demand their rights are facing unnecessary problems just because the ego, image and reputation of some people in power have got ruffled up. It appears that the ethics of people in power has taken a totally wrong direction, while on the other hand, good people are unable to dare to speak and demand justice.

Snehal RangariSnehal Rangari – Engineering Student opined that what can we students expect from this government? No more space for ‘freedom of Speech’ in our mother land.