Published On : Sat, Feb 22nd, 2014

The English paper of HSC appears with misprint causing tension to students


Nagpur Today: The English paper of HSC examination conducted by Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education on the second of the HSC examination had a poser in one of the questions giving hard time to some of the students appearing for this paper.

In one of the questions it read as follows:

B) Grammar (Do as directed)

i) _________my friend is _____ able translator and _____ impartial editor as well.

(Rewrite using appropriate articles)

This question carried 1 mark. The students attempting this question felt that there can be no article which can be filled in the first blank space. If so is it a misprint or a poser?

However, Nagpur Today spoke to some English teachers, who opined that there is a mention of this type of question called Omission of articles, where the student is supposed to mark a dash or — and attempt the remaining part of the question.

The teacher also opined that since the question carried only 1 mark, how can one mark be divided into three answers for three blank spaces? For the rightfully two blanks the marks can be divided into 0.5 + 0.5= 1. Therefore, the question is a poser to test if the student understands the concept of omission of article. Therefore, the question is neither wrong nor a misprint.   

Less number of copying reported due to lack of staff in flying squads

The English paper of HSC on Friday saw only 20 cases of copying by students in Nagpur Division. The English paper is often considered to be tough, especially by students from schools in rural areas.   Usually many cases of copying are found in the rural areas. However, due to lack of enough staff to man the flying Squads reaching to the far flung areas only 20 cases of copying were registered or reported.

This year, the Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education has assigned about 70 flying squads to ensure copying is not carried out in the Nagpur Division. Since the start of the exam, the preparations were looking weak. Even the Chairman of the Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education is said not to be on regular rolls. The Chairman of Amravati Board has been given additional responsibility to look after the Nagpur Division.

According to sources, in the rural areas, copying was carried on in many places. The number of copying cases reported at Nagpur is 8, Gondia-9, Gadchiroli- 5, Chandrapur-5, Bhandara-4 and in Wardha-2.

SSC Student waiting to receive their admission cards

The students who will be appearing for the SSC examinations of Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education in Nagpur Division on March 3 have not yet received their admission cards.

February 23 and Feb 27 is said to be holidays for the staff of Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education. The schools have to send the practical examination marks before Feb 28. But they still don’t have the list of the examination roll numbers of the students.

The students must get their admission cards by February 24, because again on March 1 is Saturday followed by Sunday. The examinations are starting from March 3. The Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education has to see that the students get their admission cards on time. The parents have appealed to the Board to expedite the process to avoid last moment running around for the students.