Published On : Sun, Oct 28th, 2012

“the emotional condition of a patient affects their treatment”- Aliakbar Shabbir

Nagpur Today’s Meghna Majumdar had a chat with Aliakbar Shabbir, an Integrated Health coach trained in Meta- medicine and other techniques. Aliakbar believes in the use of Yoga, Reiki and a host of other increasingly popular global techniques to help people rid themselve of their weighty and constrictive emotional, as well as physical issues. He is the first to bring certified services like Emotional Freedom Technique ans Meta- medicine to Nagpur city.

Following are excerpts form the interaction:

Meghna: How do you go about treating a patient when they first enter your centre?

AliAkbar: When a client (I don’t call the people who come to us patients, I call the clients) first comes in, we look at the issues that the client has, be it a physical health issue or an emotional issue. Some of our clients come with recommendations from doctors or other professional, and have been told to practice Yoga, Power yoga or Reiki. Regardless, when a client comes in, they go through a basic counselling session from us wherein they are asked about the major issues in their life specifically. We tell them which treatment to follow, based on those issues. If a client has stress issues and has been recommended Yoga or meditation, we believe that though it will help the client, it won’t address or cure the root cause of the stress. In that case, we give them a single session in our Emotional Freedom Technique, which is a therapy in itself and not known to the people of Nagpur. We give the client either one or two sessions, based on the intensity of their issue, and once the client learns the technique and starts applying every day, we tell them to practice it constantly, along with regular Yoga.

Meghna: Do you use these techniques to treat physical ailments as well?

AliAkbar: There are some common physical issues like Acne, Eczema, Spondylitis, or some muscle or joint pains, which do not have a particular, identified cause or treatment. These come up because of emotional issues. This is where Meta- medicine, which is a stress- based analysis, comes up. We use the techniques of meta- medicine to determine why a particular client has, say, a joint pain. We look at the body part that is in pain, and the emotional events in the person’s life, and that gives us a clue to where the problem lies. We then use EFT, Hypnosis, Neuro- linguistic Programming or Reiki to work upon it. It is an integrated approach where more than nine or ten modalities are used. Each client is different.

Meghna: Do you use allopathic drugs of any sort with your treatments?

AliAkbar: We do not deal with any drugs, unless we have a severe case of alcohol addiction or drug addiction. In such cases, we work with the doctors from Hi- Tech Hospital and use allopathic drugs only if really needed. Usually, however, the techniques that we use are sufficient for deaddiction, and help with the withdrawal symptoms as well.

Meghna:  Can you explain some of your techniques to us in detail?

AliAkbar: One of my favourites is Emotional Freedom Technique, which can be used for anything from confidence issues to a chronic illness like cancer. EFT is basically psychological acupuncture. As we know, there acupuncture points on our body that act as meridians. We tap on these meridians with our fingertips, and try to be as negative as possible while doing so. When we tap on those points, we release all the negativity from our body. The minute the negativity is released from our body, energy starts to flow and things get cured. Matrix Re-imprinting is done using EFT, to tap upon negative memories trapped in our matrix. It is used to deal with past issues that we are blocked with. For example, if a person had been abused at the age of sixteen, we tap on that person, who, in turn, taps upon her sixteen- year- old self and releases those negative memories from her consciousness.

Meghna: Do you believe that emotions are the root cause for chronic diseases?

AliAkbar: Yes, that is our basic concept. Any disease, even a chronic one, happens because of negative shock or emotional trauma. A disease begins with emotions, and if there is negativity within you for long, it will one day lead to disease.

Meghna: You had said that EFT and meta- medicine to cure cancer and other major diseases. Are these techniques an absolute alternative to the regular treatments like chemotherapy, or something that helps the process?

Aliakbar:  I wouldn’t call it an alternative; it goes along with the process. There are clients who are unhappy with the treatment r medicine being given to them, or, more importantly, are afraid that they are going to die. These techniques help them get rid of those fears, and also to tap upon the root emotional cause of the disease. We try to de-trigger the events and resulting emotional weight, and as you see a shift in the client, you also see a difference in the malignancy. The psyche and the emotional condition of a patient affect their treatment.

-Meghna Majumdar