Published On : Sat, Oct 18th, 2014

The Breakfast Story : In-sync with the western world

breakfastEvery classic place to eat is a platform for stories to be born. Nagpur has many such places like Indian Coffee House which allows its patrons to sit hours together and have heated discussions on what not. While it is loved by earlier generation more, CCD took over the fancy of current generation with cool music, air-cooled comforts, upmarket interiors. Then mocha took lead in bringing more class to casual eating joints more concentrating on empowering communication between the visitors. Majorly, these are all coffee shops. Nagpur was truly lacking a place which will offer a kind of cosy cocoon for the food lovers to spend leisurely time having an affair with food. More over, it lacked a place where one can get a feel of English Breakfast places with unique breakfast food items they have to offer. But not anymore.


Thanks to Mukul Kulkarni, a pioneer and veteran in modular furniture, who along with his son Kaivalya Kulkarni and family, started this classic english kind of breakfast bistro “The Breakfast Story”. Located between Apana Bhandar and Raisoni Vidya Niketan School on Hingana Road, TBS offers this opportunity for Nagpur Food Lovers to get a glimpse of what is generally a trend in UK, Europe and other parts of the world, a laid back place to have nice breakfast with news papers or books to read or surf on your gadget using free wifi.


So, here’s the story of my breakfast at the newly opened “The Breakfast Story”

Interior and Ambience :

You will feel the distinguished look and feel from the logo and the entrance itself. The entry passage is decorated with flowers and has a nice little garden on left. Once you enter, you will be impressed by its emphasis on creatively designed interiors, engaging furniture with common games like tic tac toe and snakes and ladder engraved on it. If you do not want to play then you can choose another tables in quiet corners beaming in sunlight from windows, or just select place with right height as per your preference. You also get an option to sit outside in open air at the back of the restaurant.


There is a lot of thought gone behind designing this space and every utility is created using some or other creative idea. For example magazine holder is created by having cycle careers on the wall, News Paper basket is made up of shopping cart trolly. Then there is use of old time gadgets like Radio, Camera, typewriter, etc which ads to the overall classic feel of the design. Though it relies on the old world charm, it offers modern day facilities like free wifi too.

Owners say that they wanted to create feel as if you are visiting their home and seating in the living room with accessibility to book rack, wifi, newspapers, etc. A place where you can walk-in, pick a newspaper or magazine and sit on a table of your choice and order at your own convenience. Then while your order is getting freshly prepared, you can check out the book rack for any books to pick and read or just surf using free wifi on your gadget. Then once you get our order, you can relish the marvels of the food presented to you and again spend as much time as you want. And I can say they succeeded in creating that environment. It is a place you will enter in the morning and leave after spending few hrs.


The restaurant works on a unique “surprise me” menu concept so everyday the main menu will be changing except the standard egg dishes, side dishes and beverages. They even allow you to prepare your own dish by using the kitchen. So you will always have your regular egg breakfast options, hot and cold beverages and side dishes like salami, bacon, etc., but the menu of the day will always be written on the black board above the counter (and in the print out on your table). Again the blackboard concept is there in such places abroad. Saturdays and Sundays will have specials like Veg/Non-veg English Breakfast.


In future, I wish they add some juicy and saucy steak dishes too. A fixed price (sub Rs.200?) breakfast buffet will also be a welcome and affordable idea.



I ordered baked vegetables which was served with bread and a spicy dry spinach on the side. It is the first place where I found bacon in the menu so I tried it but I did not like it much (may be due to first time encounter). Another time I tried pork salami which was good for my choice. So bacon lovers, you have a place in Nagpur where you can get it. Baked vegetables was tasty having a sheet of cheese and melted cheese. I loved the hot dry crushed spinach dish on the side as it satisfied the Nagpuri Tastebuds. Coffee was served with nice sweet cookies. Another time it was served with salty cumin cookies.


As weekends have specials, I tried it on Saturday and could relish the Veg and Non Veg English Breakfast. English breakfast is basically a complete platter with multiple food items on it with bread. If non-vegetarian, you get different types of meats in different forms like sausages, salami. It also has eggs made as per your preparation. I chose sunny side up and pork in salami style. I liked it this time. Veg English Breakfast had baked beans, veggie mayonnaise salad. Both veg and non veg options have mashed potatoes, sun dried tomatoes and chopped mushrooms in common and they all taste good. The preparations aren’t culinary miracles but gives a nice satiating feel which lingers for hours.
Ticket Size:

If you order main breakfast, a side dish and a beverage, the per person cost would be around Rs.200/- to Rs.300/-


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Summing it up:

While I loved the way TBS allows you to enter your feedback on the vintage typewriter, now is the time for summing it all in short. TBS is something which Nagpur needed badly and if you want to have lavish breakfast in leisure, this is the place to be. As Kaivalya said, “There is no wrong time to have breakfast.” However, you can come here to spend time as a different kind of coffee shop too. It has the potential to be the next hotspot abuzz with up market crowd. After all, it is the only place in town which asks “How would you like your eggs?”

:: Prashen Kyawal