Published On : Thu, Feb 18th, 2021

The Achievers pre-school Kids Awarded at the zonal level of the CAMEL COLOUR CONTEST 2019-20

KOKUYO CAMLIN has been engaging in promotion of art activities at all levels. Every year schools are invited by them to participate in an interschool art competition. Students from pre-school to grade 10th are divided into five groups & each group is given an exciting and positive topic .The Achievers school has been consistently participating in this competition for past many years.

The event was well coordinated by the event incharge Mrs Namrata Kadoo. The children made their drawings in the school and were first judged internally, then by a jury at the zonal level. It was a proud moment and a great achievement for the Achievers pre-school that out of 8709 participating schools, the school had wonthree prize winners at the zonal level.

The prize winners were as follows-
1. Urunjira Singh (Nur)- Won the third prize
2. Daksh Jinde(LKG)- Won an appreciation award
3. Pratyush Dighade(LKG)- Won an appreciation award Children were felicitated with trophies by the chief mentorMrs. Sapna Katiyar & Mrs. Sharmila Muthye(Centre Head).