Published On : Tue, Jul 26th, 2016

The 5 Best Momo Places In Nagpur


While Nagpur is not a city you would associate this food item with, the city surprises with some really amazing options for momos. When you think of momos, you might think of road trips and pit stops in the mountains or munching away at them somewhere in Delhi or Kolkata, but these 5 momo places in Nagpur promise to delight –


  1. Sikkim’s Gurung Momos, near Hislop College Gate

Regarded by many as the best momos in town, the momos here also tend to be one of the most expensive plate of momos to be had as street food. For Rs.150 a plate, you will get 10 pieces of mouthwateringly delicious momos with the perfect sauce. Justifying their price and how! Gurung momos are a must-have in Nagpur!


  1. Tamang’s Momos, Poonam Chambers 

With a humble stall right opposite Poonam Chambers, it’s hard to miss this blue make-shift momo stand and even harder once you’ve tried the momos there. A great option for anyone in East Nagpur, Tamang will make sure you get the authentic taste and kick from his momos.


  1. Momos near VNIT Gate 

Situated near the Abhyankar Nagar VNIT gate right next to the SBI kiosk, you might have been one of those who may have driven past this humble momo stand without much consideration. But trust us – you’ll thank us when you try the momos there once. A favourite for many IT workers and VNIT students, you’ll know the reason why once you sample the creations of this Nepali chef.


  1. Chau Meow Momos, near Bombay Chat

Not satisfied with your fix of pani puri and chat at Bombay Chat in Pratap Nagar? You just need to walk a few steps to Chau Meow’s – regarded consistently as someone who makes excellent veg momos in that part of town. At Rs 40 for 8 pieces, the momos are a steal!


  1. Khantre Momos, Traffic Park

A close contender for top place against Gurung momos, you’ll find a legion of fans of Khantre Momos who make trips to Traffic Park only and only for his momos. Standing out among all the pav bhaji and pani puri joints that line up the road there, Khantre Momos is a one-man army – enough to draw huge crowds. Give it a go!