Published On : Sat, Aug 17th, 2019

Tete-e-tete with National President of Round Table India Tabler Piyush Daga

Nagpur: While speaking to Nagpur Today(NT) in an exclusive talk, National President of Round Table India Tabler Piyush Daga spoke about various facets of Round Table India and how he intends to take the movement forward in an organized and positive manner. He claimed that with the sound foundation laid down by his predecessors, he wants to strengthen the movement and bring about positive inputs during his tenure.

NT : What are your visions for the Round Table India for your tenure?
Tabler Piyush Daga said that there are two main points which he and his new team intends to include in the movement.

1. With the existing National vision- “Freedom Through Education”, the new executive body headed by him have decided to take it one step further. Not only will they felicitate in educating the under-privileged but also strive to get the children passing out from the school they helped in building get employed.

2. To help face water deficit across India: In order to do their share of helping in facing the water deficit faced by citizens across India, they have decided to start Rain Water Harvesting in all the existing and proposed schools that they help in building. They are striving to develop and employ a new technique to improve and enhance the water table level.

NT : What is the theme for the Round Table India this year?
Tabler Piyush Daga said that this year, the theme is “Live your Dreams”.

While speaking about his plans for the Tables across India, National President of RTI, Tabler Piyush Daga said that he intends to create more awareness about Round Table India movement through social media and newspapers so that it helps in getting next set of prospective members for Round Table and in taking the movement forward.

Tabler Piyush Daga when asked about raising funds for National calamities and to face crisis situations, he claimed that they don’t believe in “cheque book charity”. They believe in working on ground zero. They believe and have been working strenuously towards a need-based philanthropy.

He added that they have started a new programme for Tablers Orientation basically aimed at making them aware about their roles and responsibilities in the Table. This programme also motivates them to contribute effectively towards the main vision of Freedom Through Education and to raise funds to meet relief work during Natural calamities across the country.

Piyush claimed that he would be travelling to Tabling Centres across India to motivate each and every member to put in their best foot forward. Moreover, he will also be travelling to International Centres showcasing the work done by Round Table India as an Association.

While speaking about the recently held “Change Over Banquet”, Piyush Daga said that the participants which included both the Tablers and the Circlers who attended the COB was the highest in number so far. He went on to add that the best part of the “Change Over Banquet” was that it started on time, struck strictly to the schedule and went on smoothly without any glitches. He claimed that, on the whole “Change Over Banquet” was a huge success.

While speaking about the members of the new executive body, he said that after a long time, we have a relatively new board with more than 60% being first time board members in the National Board.

While concluding, Piyush Daga said, thanks to the National Executive Training Programme conducted from time to time, wee have a very highly motivated 58th National Board.