Published On : Thu, Jul 3rd, 2014

Tension runs high at Ankit Pulps & Boards Co as sacked workers stall entry of new recruits

dgdsNagpur News: Tension ran high inside and also outside Ankit Pulps and Boards Pvt Ltd when the management of the company on Thursday deployed workers brought from other places for continued production. The company has turned a hotspot after the regular employees were sacked and in turn the sacked and other employees starting a strong agitation to protest the company move. The role of Yashodhara Nagar police has also come under shadow. The agitating employees have alleged siding of cops with the management at the expense of workers for obvious reasons.

The leader of Bharatiya Janata Kamgar Mahasangh Sonu Sharma said that about 10.30 am the management called labourers from other places to work in the company for continued production. As soon as the labourers arrived at the gate of the company, the tension started to build up. The sacked and agitating workers stopped the new recruits from entering the company and apprised them about their woes and the ground reality. But the new workforce refused to give an ear to agitating labourers most probably under pressure of management. On the contrary, the new workers informed the management about being stopped at gate itself. The management then immediately contacted Yashodhara Police Station and called a posse of policemen to handle the situation. Police too reached the spot within minutes and straightaway went to the chambers of company bosses for “talks.” After sometime, the policemen came out and started shouting, in threatening tone, at the agitating labourers. Police ordered the labourers to go to their agitation pandal and later facilitated entry of new workers into company. Once the situation “calmed down,” police left the spot, said Sonu Sharma.

The latest development has fuelled the discontent among protesting workers and the situation has turned tense.