Published On : Mon, Jul 22nd, 2013

Citizens stressed with malpractices at tehsil office in Nagpur

The Tehsil Office is frequently visited by poor citizens for procuring certificates for education and employment purposes required by Maharashtra Government Departments to avail benefits of various schemes. The nexus plays crucial illegal role in getting the job of a needy “client” done within 10 minutes but at the cost of 20 fold more amount than the original charge. An income certificate is secured for the needy person with Rs 400 in place of Rs 10-20. Make no mistake. The Rs 400 is on a single case. At least 40-50 such cases are accomplished on a daily basis. And the amount  is religiously shared among lower rung to higher ranked officials of Tehsil Office, police  and the touts.

Nagpur News: A different kind of terror is being witnessed in Nagpur Tehsil Office adjoining the District Court building and, taking a heavy toll of citizens, too. The nasty nexus between police and the touts has left lives of poor citizens more and more miserable.

According to reports, the helpless common men have been forced by the terror to get their Rs 10 worth work done at Rs 200!! And that too without complaints. To whom they would complain? Police? Police themselves are playing a key role in the dubious nexus!!

The Tehsil Office is frequently visited by hundreds of poor citizens for various works related to procurement of certificates for education and employment purposes required by Maharashtra Government Departments. The certificates include caste certificate, income certificate, domicile certificate and other crucial certificates which facilitate the poor citizens to avail of benefits of various Government schemes. Even otherwise, the common men run from pillar to post to get their works done an any Government Department. Tehsil Office is very very important Government agency and every other Nagpur citizen visits the Tehsil office in his lifetime.

The nexus between police, others, and the touts is so strong that the employees, from lower rung level to higher official leven including Tehsildar don’t touch the works without the “middlemen.” The arithmetic is simple. Figures on crisp paper called currency ranging from work to work of importance. The terror grips the poor citizens the moment he or she steps into the scooter or cycle stand. For example, procuring the income certificate. The touts “gherao” the person immediately he or she keeps the scooter on the stands. The touts trap them by their “sweet” words informing them of various “dirty” aspects like extreme delay for his or her job looking into massive crowd in the queues, “police action, and finally his or her job done within 10 minutes. The person also falls in their traps as the person himself wants the income certificate of half the amount shown in his or her ration card. For example, income certificate of Rs 50,000 in place of Rs 1,00,000 as shown on the ration card. The touts tell the person their “rates” 20 fold more than the original cost for procuring the income certificate. “No Discount.”

When the “needy” person falls in line with the diktat of a tout, the tout recovers the entire decided amount from the “Client,” to be precise Rs 400. Then the tout hurriedly goes to a nearby vendor and an secures a prescribed application form. He fill up the form with only the correct name of the needy “client” and other information according to his whims and fancy. The tout then attaches the Xerox copy of the ration card and penetrates the long queue like a “Dabang” (here, like a goon without any fear, coutesy police.) and puts the application form at the proper counter in the Tehsil Office. And with a receipt for photo hands over the document to the poor person and directs him to stand in another queue  for “photo session.” The tout then signals the counterman to first do the necessary formalities of his “Client.” Within minutes the formalities are completed leaving the hundreds of other needy and honest persons in the long queues frustrated and helpless as they don’t have the required money to “pleas” the touts. This dubious way the “client” receives the income certificate within 10 minutes which could have received after 2-3 hours standing in queues that too standing sometimes in heavy rains. (Scorching sun in summer).

Now, the “Rs 400 tout” question arises as how a tout procures to the necessary income certificate so easily. It is 100 per cent “deal” with all concerned and the Rs 400 is shared between the tout, police and the Tehsil Office men. Make no mistake. The Rs 400 is of a single case. At least 40-50 such cases are accomplished on daily basis. The total Rs 16,000-Rs 20,000 are collected daily and religiously shared among lower rung to higher ranked officials of Tehsil Office. Moreover, if a person directly approaches the concerned official and asks him to issue a certificate of less amount, the official threatens the person with arrest. But a tout carries out the same job within 10 minutes without any fear and only fear. The favour factor here only applies to the gang of the nexus. This is not a fresh development. The nasty nexus is an age old story with the nauseating blessings of successive Tehsildars.

The police also are a key part of the nexus. If an honest person protests the “deals” he is heckled by police and pulled out of the Tehsil office thus terrorizing the other honest persons and forcing them to fall in line of the merciless nexus. Hundreds of aged persons, sick persons and women stand in queues for hours together with zero basic facilities like water, cover to protect them from vagaries of rain and blazing summer. And the advocates, whose seals and signatures are must on the prescribed application forms, most of the time on trust go ahead without even reading the information filled up in the forms. They seal and sign only for a share from the touts. The sharing process is not done immediately. The process takes place when the office hours are over and at a decided spots. Sources said a hefty share goes to Tehsildar, too. It is crystal clear and obvious, too, that without the blessings of the Tehsildar, no “deal” is possible.

The most ugliest part of all these nexus and dubious deals is no action by the District Administration despite hundreds of complaints lodged by the honest persons.

This aspect aptly proves that there is no value for honesty in today’s corrupt situation.