Published On : Tue, Feb 26th, 2019

Techno vibes go ‘hyper’ at AXIS’19

Nagpur: isvesvaraya National Institute of Technology held another mega Annual technical festival AXIS’19 recent. The techno-fest brought a lot of techno updates to the front. Nagpur Today was the online media partner of the event.

A very informative Q&A session was conducted by AXIS, central India’s largest and the annual technical festival of Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur, on February 23, where guest lecturers like Dr. Jayant Narlikar, Dr. Mangala Narlikar and Dr. Rajagopala Chidambaram were invited. The first segment of the session commenced with welcoming and felicitating Dr. Jayant and Dr. Mangala Narlikar. Dr. Jayant Vishnu Narlikar is an Indian astrophysicist and writer, who is known for his work in the Hoyle-Narlikar theory.

The QnA session concluded leaving the audience elated, followed by the much awaited Guest lecture and interactive session by Dr. Rajgopala Chidambaram, the eminent personality behind the successful Pokharan-I (1997) and Pokharan-II (1998) tests.

In his address to the audience, Dr. Chidambaram voiced his belief over the technology being the ultimate power. Emphasis was laid on becoming scientifically advanced as a nation and the need to establish an excellent RDI ecosystem along with strengthening the nation’s military system.

The evening witnessed an extremely engaging and enlightening session titled “Innovation Talks”, organized by AXIS, their annual technical festival. Youngsters who have accomplished feats like no one else shared their journey towards innovation and gave everyone much to look up to. The talks began with Team Hyperloop presenting their Hyperloop pod, a much coveted means of transportation and how they steered through the ups and downs in creating an engineering marvel. Their presentation included photos of their radical design, braking and propulsion system which they had incorporated into their pod.

The session following the Hyperloop was the lecture by Team Indus, india’s first private space company. The talk was conducted by Manika Garg & Prateek Garg who were the part of team Indus whose journey started out in 2011 with the space technology competition of google, famously known as the google lunar xprize, With the prize amount being as big as 30 billion US Dollars.

The engineers introduced the idea of privatising the space technology specifically lunar landings. Despite the intiation of the passion being a moon- landing rover competition, Team Indus took up the challenge and discovered the insatiable hunger for the developing technologies and the advances.

Next in line after Team Indus was Dr.Srimathy Kesan, the CEO of SKI (Space Kids India), a very proactive personality who heads a team of students in which the youngest person is as young as 4 and the eldest person is 21.
SKI’s most noteworthy achievement is the launching of Kalamsat satellite on June 22, 2017, the lightest satellite with a payload of a mere 64 grams,and has been so monikered in honour and as a tribute to Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

AXIS’19 ended on the high of music and melody with the mind blowing instrumentals played during the PRONITE featuring The Non Violinist Project.A coalescence of musicians from diverse musical backgrounds that formed an entity which is both modern in sound and yet rooted in aesthetics. Presenting Shravan Sridhar on violin, Kumaran on Drums, Naveen Samson Benjamin on guitars, Marshall Robinson on Keys and synths and Sooraj Kumar on Bass, they rocked the stage of VNIT Nagpur.