Published On : Tue, Jun 20th, 2017

Tanker trips in Network Areas reduced by 35%

The number of Tankers has been reduced by almost 35 % especially in Network Area, which depicts Improvement in water supply scenario in city areas with regular O&M activities and ongoing 24×7 conversions in many areas.

It may be mentioned here the Tanker operations in the city of Nagpur was divided into two parts from February, 2014:
1) Network area (N W) Tankers : For which payment is made by OCW to Tanker Owners
2) Non-Network (NNW) areas Tankers : For which Payment is made by NMC/NESL to their Tanker owners.

Tanker Trips in Network areas (OCW responsibility) has only been reducing from 91 Tankers (270231 Trips) in 2013-14 to 61 Tankers (202876 Trips) in 2016-17 due to the improvement in water supply and ongoing 27X7 conversions in the area.


However in Non-Network areas, From Feb, 2014: 283 tankers were supposed to make trips only in non-network areas (NMC/NESL) but surprisingly the trips as well as the expenditure have only increased. (Refer the below chart)

The expenditure on Tankers for NNW areas by NMC also increased as they continued to pay the Tanker owners on per trip basis irrespective of the distance of delivery destination whereas the expenditure on NW tankers reduced as the tankers are paid by calculating the distance travelled by GPS units.

It may be mentioned here for economical, efficient and effective Tanker Water Management, OCW has also incorporated GPS Technology in Tanker Operations to bring transparency in system. OCW has installed VTU (Vessel Tracking Unit) on Tankers which ensures that entire life cycle of water delivery by Tanker, starting from receipt of consumer request till delivery of water is monitored. The invariable tracking of tankers has resulted in check of the earlier prevalent malpractices.

It’s an essential technological implementation that saves organization’s cost and leads to stoppage of malpractices.

It may be also mentioned here, in the year 2014, OCW CEO; Sanjoy Roy took the bold initiative against all odds to recruit the Women and deploy them to manage Tankers. This was for the first time Women Power given chance to manage Tanker Management.

Mr Roy had a firm belief that their presence will certainly change the working atmosphere at the Tanker Hydrants for better. Today his decision stands vindicated as in the last 3- years the overall work culture at the Tanker hydrants has substantially improved.

There is literally no disturbance at the locations where this Women Power is posted; they have a better control on the logistics management which has resulted in improved consumer satisfaction.

The Orange City Water sticking to their repute of bringing innovative services to the citizen of Nagpur, has also started paid tanker facility for personalised events & functions like Weddings, etc. to sooth the increased demand of water for functions.

The citizens don’t need to run from posts to pillars for availing tankers for such functions any more. All they need is to reach the nearest of the above mentioned hydrants, pay the due charges and get the tanker.

The charges for the tankers depend upon the capacity of the tanker. Rs. 435 for 2000 ltrs, Rs. 495 for 3000 ltrs, Rs. 555 for 4000 ltrs, Rs. 650 for 6000 ltrs.

Citizens are requested to necessarily avail the receipts against payment of tanker charges. For any queries citizen may contact the OCW’s toll free number 1800-266-9899.

However the complaints regarding paid tankers can only are entertained on producing valid receipt.