Published On : Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014

Talk held on “Guidelines for Effective Business Management”

Nagpur News: An informative talk held on “Guidelines for Effective Business Management” by Dilip Guralwar, General Manager, DIC, Bhandara, C. S. Dodke, Deputy Director, MSME & R. M. Tekam, Chief Manager, NSIC at VIA Hall, Nagpur.

The speaker Dilip Guralwar, General Manager, DIC, Bhandara explained that DIC role is to facilitate the process of small enterprise development, DICs have been entrusted with most of the administrative and financial powers. For purpose of allotment of land, work sheds, raw materials etc., DICs functions under the ‘Directorate of Industries’. Each DIC is headed by a General Manager who is assisted by four functional managers and three project managers to look after the activities. He said the important objective is to accelerate the overall efforts for industrialization of the district, rural industrialization and development of rural industries and handicrafts, attainment of economic equality in various regions of the district, providing the benefit of the government schemes to the new entrepreneurs, centralization of procedures required to start a new industrial unit and minimization- of the efforts and time required to obtain various permissions, licenses, registrations, subsidies etc.

Guralwar said DIC helps and support potential and existing entrepreneurs, by providing all information relating to statistics and information about existing industrial units in the district in the large, Medium, small as well as co-operative sectors, opportunity guidance to entrepreneurs, compilation of information about local sources of raw materials and their availability, manpower assessment with respect to skilled, semi-skilled workers, assessment of availability of infrastructure facilities like quality testing, research and development, transport, prototype development, warehouse etc., organises entrepreneurship development training programs, provides information about various government schemes, subsidies, grants and assistance available from the other corporations set up for promotion of industries, gives SSI registration, prepares techno-economic feasibility report, advices the entrepreneurs on investments, acts as a link between the entrepreneurs and the lead bank of the district, implements government sponsored schemes for educated unemployed people like PMRY scheme, Jawahar Rojgar Yojana, etc., helps entrepreneurs in obtaining licenses from the Electricity Board, Water Supply Board, No Objection Certificates etc., assist the entrepreneur to procure imported machinery and raw materials, organises marketing outlets in liaison with other government agencies.

C. S. Dodke, Deputy Director, MSME said there are number of programmes to help and assist entrepreneurs and small businesses. If you are planning to set up business, you may contact National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD ), National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (NI-MSME), Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE) or the Development Commissioner (DCMSME) for details about their programmes. If you are an existing entrepreneur and would like to improve your competitiveness, you may contact DC, MSME who can be of assistance in various ways. If you are wanting to set up a village industry or want to know more about Khadi or Coir Products, you may contact KVIC or Coir Board. He said Ministry of MSME encourages and honors innovation and enterprise. We work in close coordination with the State Governments, Industry Associations, Banks and other stakeholders through our numerous field offices and technical institutions to help the ‘engines of growth’ throughout the country.

R. M. Tekam, Chief Manager, NSIC said National Small Industries Corporation Ltd (NSIC) was set up in 1955 as a central government undertaking, the main aim of which is to fulfill the requirement of machinery and equipment for the development of the small entrepreneurs. It is observed that the main constraint faced by the entrepreneurs is the dearth of investible funds to purchase machinery and equipment. Non-availability of finance deprives many new entrepreneurs from availing entrepreneurial opportunities. NSIC is established to cater to this need of the entrepreneur. NSIC provides plant, machinery and equipment on a hire-purchase basis. Under its special scheme, entrepreneurs can procure indigenous as well as imported machinery. NSIC also assists the entrepreneurs in procuring government orders for various items of stores. New entrepreneurs are given special incentives. NSIC helps and support potential and existing entrepreneurs, it provides financial assistance by way of hire-purchase scheme for purchase of machinery and equipment, required for the setting up industries. provides various equipments on lease basis, assists in marketing of the products of SSIs, helps in exporting the product of SSIs, provides training to workers of SSIs in various trades, helps in the development and up gradation of technology and modernization of the industries, undertakes construction of industrial estates, purchases huge quantity of important raw materials and distribute the same to SSIs at reasonable rates, develops prototype machines and equipments to pass on to SSIs for commercial production, sets up small scale industries in other developing countries on turn-key basis, So in the above way NSIC plays a prominent role for the development of entrepreneurship as well as industrialization, in the country.

This talk was free and was attended by large number of Women entrepreneurs’, Members of Lew and students.

At the outset, floral welcome of speaker Dilip Guralwar, General Manager, DIC, Bhandara, C. S. Dodke, Deputy Director, MSME & R. M. Tekam, Chief Manager, NSIC was done by Anita Rao, Chairperson -VIA -LEW, the speakers were introduced by Shikha Khare, Member LEW Forum, opening remarks & the programme was conducted by Anita Rao, Chairperson VIA LEW Forum, Summing up and vote of thanks was given by Vandana Sharma, Secretary-LEW.