Published On : Fri, Jun 3rd, 2016

Taking Clue from Air Cooler accident SNDL advises citizens to Check internal wiring, earthing

die of electrocutionNagpur: Spanco Nagpur Discom Ltd (SNDL) urged citizens to ensure safety of external as well as internal wiring, earthing as an entire family died due to electrocution while filling water in the aircooler on Thursday.

In a press release, SNDL said that chances of electricity related mishaps and incidents are especially high during the monsoon season due to water-logging. Citizens should stay away from electrical installations like electricity poles, sub-stations, transformers, streetlights etc and also caution children from straying near electricity installations, or touch any wire lying around.

Do not touch electrical appliances with wet hands and always keep an ‘Electrical Tester’ in premises. If a switch is wet, do not touch it directly but use the ‘tester’ to check for an electricity leakage.

Ensure regular maintenance of the internal cabling and circuit of your premises from time-to-time through a licensed electrical contractor and replace old and worn-out devices with new and ISI marked devices.SNDL also advised consumer to install an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB).

This simple yet very useful device detects smallest ‘current to earth’ (earth leakage) in the premises, thereby automatically tripping and disconnecting the electricity supply and thus preventing mishaps.

In case of observing that a pole has been grounded or an exposed DP or cable, inform your distribution company on 24×7 toll – free number 1800 313 9600.