Published On : Wed, May 27th, 2020

” Swapna Madhil Gawa “ A Journey of Sweet Marathi songs live on fb

Parimal Joshi and his friends has organized ” Swapna madhil Gawa “ Musical Concert of sweet Marathi songs live on FB . It is unique program by Parimal Joshi and his friends for journey of sweet Marathi songs.

A singer with sweet voice Dhanashree Deshpande, abhishek Marotkar, Onkar Kanetkar, Mayuresh Sane, Dhanashri Marotkar Sensation of Nagpur Parimal Joshi, were the artists who has performed.

Music Director was Shrirang Urhekar . Parimal and friends has planned this novel program. Show was attended by majority of viewers from Maharashtra and Goa and around the globe Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar gives encouragement and appreciation for such novel idea of on line events .

Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar and other renowned people of Nagpurs musical world witness the program on line and extend their best wishes to Parimal Joshi and his team members.

Soulful songs like…..Swapnatil Kalyanno umalu nakach kenva……, Hi wat dur jate….., Tere mere sapne …… and many more were presented during program.

Soulful Marathi Poems ….Swapn…., Gulabi Diwas….., Tu Bolave……, a poem on married life ….. were nicely presented by Mayuresh sane and Dhanashri Marotkar. Cheerful discussions takes place during the program. Instrumental pieces were played by Parimal Joshi.

In the lock down period , Parimal and his friends …has given a musical feast to all viewers. Viewers shower their comments on the Singers and organizers. Huge no comments and compliments was there to the show.

Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar encourages the singers, Organizers for live program in this crucial days of Corona kovid 19.
Sur Nava Dhyas Nava winner Aniruddha Joshi and many more music lovers has joined program. Anchor Dhanashri Marotkar has done her job nicely. She elaborates the facts impressively and soulfully.

Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar encourages the singers, Organizers for live program in this crucial days of Corona kovid 19. He is having immense interest and contribution to the field of music. He is a renowned Academician , Principal, Social worker and singer of our city too. He is associated with various social and cultural bodies of Nagpur.

At the beginning of program , Organizers welcome renowned people round the globe who were online for live concert and all on line viewers for their support and encouragement. .

In his reply, Dr. Sanjay Uttarwar gave thanks to Parimal Joshi and his friends for lovely organization and extend his good wishes for future of the them. He always encourage young talents for presenting their talents on various fronts. Many more groups are coming ahead to present on line programs of face book.

Program come to end at 7.30 pm with bhairavi Kiti anand re anad ya zopdit mazya… Abhishek Marotkar. and music lovers moves with euphoria of sweet songs.