Published On : Wed, Jun 22nd, 2016

Swamy now wants Arvind Subramanian, Modi’s chief economic adviser, sacked

arvindNew Delhi: After targeting RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, BJP parliamentarian Subramanian Swamy’s next target seems to be Arvind Subramanian, the Chief Economic Adviser to the government.

In a series of tweets today, Swamy targetted Subramanian saying: “Modis chief economic adviser Arvind Subramanian had opposed India on IPR till recently.”

“Who said to US Cong on 13/3/13 the US should act against India to defend US Pharmaceuticals interests? Arvind Subramanian MoF !! Sack him!!!”

“Guess who encouraged Congi to become rigid on GST clauses? Jaitely’s economic adviser Arvind Subramanian of Washington DC.”

“Now PTs can understand why our core economic sectors could not perform last two years. Trojan horses galore in MoF/ Fin Institutions.”

Swamy cited a Times of India report in 2014 which said that Arvind Subramanian had urged the US to ‘initiate disputes against India before the World Trade Organization’.

Subramanian, the report said, had pointed out to the fact that pharmaceutical companies in India sought frivolous patents and then sought extensions on these patents by ‘tweaking existing drugs’, which they then termed as innovations.