Published On : Mon, Feb 2nd, 2015

Swachha Bharat leads to hidden gold

Swachha Bharat Logo

Who would have thought school teachers have that kind of treasures to hide? But then this school is located in ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ where probably the roads are paved with gold! (Apology to city of London where this phrase originated many, many years ago – “London Roads are paved with gold”; meaning it was easy to get rich there super fast).

When a Kendriya Vidyalaya based in Ahmedabad decided to go on a Swachata Abhiyan based on Modi Swachh Bharat ideal they noticed some cupboards which were locked since many years. They had been given to school teachers many years ago to store valuables, books or whatever they wanted. It was noticed that the lockers hadn’t been used in many years and even keys were missing. So the school decided to break them open.

Nothing happened for first few lockers. But when they came to locker No. 14 a surprise awaited them. This locker had hidden within gold bars worth  Rs.1.4 crores! No teacher came forward to claim them nor does anyone remember who the locker was given to or belonged to.

School authorities are investigating further.