Published On : Thu, Jul 27th, 2017

Swachha Bharat Abhiyan fails in dirt-freeing Regional Traffic Office

 Nagpur: Dusty grills, tainted windows, sputtered walls and soiled coolers are the sight welcoming the visitors in Regional Traffic Office, Dharampeth. Proving the Narendra Modi led government’s attempt to attain a Swachha Bharat falling on deaf ears, senior officers of RTO continue to overlook the cleanliness and sanitation in the office premises.

Although, the officials can often be seen posting pictures posing with brooms and mops, the real story remains out of sight. What appears to be a black spot on administration is that government offices remain languishing at the bottom of cleanliness. The office spends a bulk amount in maintaining the cleanliness, which, however, remains invisible.

The visitors from every section of the society are raising the question about this negligence. It is to be seen, when the officers wake up and take an action.