Published On : Mon, Dec 1st, 2014

Svians evening with CM

Svians evening with CM

All ex students and ex teachers of Saraswati Vidyalaya, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur (SVN) will have the honour of enjoying the company of their alumni member Shri.Devendra Fadnavis who recently took over as Chief Minister of Maharashtra state. He has agreed to the request of Saraswati Vidyalaya Ex-students & ex-teacher’s Forum to attend a Get-together with all ex students and ex- teachers on 28th December 2014 6pm onwards in school premises. 40 batches have now joined hands to organise “Svians evening with CM” under aegis Saraswati Vidyalaya Ex-students & ex-teacher’s Forum. Only ex students and ex teachers of Saraswati Vidyalaya will be present during this exclusive gathering. This is rare event wherein ex- students of a school from 40 different batches are gathering together to celebrate their alumnus.

On this occasion, Shri.Kapil Maheshwari of 1998 and Shri.Sameer Badhe of 1991 SVN stated that “When we came to know that CM has refused to accept a felicitation, instead he has consented for a reunion; we were truly impressed. For youngsters like me, he is an ideal.”

Shri.Shreekrishna Buty and Shri.G.Sunil of 1982 SVN batch said that an idea from ex- teacher Shri.Chandrakant Virkhare led to a 12 member core group which expanded to 26 Convener group and then enhanced to 35 batch coordinators representing various batches. All are enthusiastically involved for success of this event. Uniqueness of this gathering is most of these 56 persons from various batches had never met earlier and are now united only because of humble personality of CM.

Shri.Rakesh Purohit and Shri.Nandkishore Dube of 1985 SVN batch added that “We were always keen to have reunion of 1985 SVN batch to which Shri.Devendra Fadnavis belongs. But when we saw the passion and pride with which all batches came forward; we conceived such a get-together. Now we have ex-students of 15 to70 years engrossed in planning for this get together to reach out to maximum students.”

Shri.Sandeep Pandey and Shri.Rahul Soman from 1993 SVN batch mentioned that “An fb group namely Saraswati Vidyalaya Ex-students & ex-teacher’s CM Felicitation Forum created by the Forum grew from 10 to 3500 members in 15 days. And now we have ex-students from all across globe from different batches interacting daily, exchanging photos and recollecting school days on daily basis. Such bonhomie across batches is very rare to find.”

Shri.Ashish Khandelwal from 1992 SVN batch said that “ All ex students & ex-teachers of SVN who are interested in attending this get-together evening with CM should contact their batch coordinators as Admit only one Entry Passes will be issued only to ex students and ex teachers on first come first serve basis.”

To gather more details and to enrol of this get-together, all ex students and ex-teachers of Saraswati Vidyalaya may contact Shri.Rajendra Kulkarni in 0-9922093855, Shri.Sujit Rajankar in 0-9860077037, Shri.Vivek Mishra in 0-9371444009, Shri.Amit Sampat in 0-9881073377, Shri.Sanjay Rajak in 0-9175178763 and Shri. Mitesh Rambhia in 9860565870.

Kindly note 2000 entry passes will be issued on first come first serve basis on basis of authentication from authorised batch coordinators from 8th to 15th December 2014 only.