Published On : Mon, Dec 29th, 2014

SVians accomplish unique reunion of 55 batches

JSB_9369-1All ex-students and ex-teachers of Saraswati Vidyalaya, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur had the honour of enjoying the company of their alumnus Devendra Fadnavis who has taken over as Chief Minister of Maharashtra state. He along with his family members graced Saraswati Vidyalaya Ex-students & Ex-teacher’s Forum’s Get-together with all registered ex students and ex- teachers on December 28, 6pm onwards in the school premises.

55 batches had joined hands to organise “Svians evening with CM” under aegis of Saraswati Vidyalaya Ex-students & ex-teacher’s Forum. Only ex students and ex teachers of Saraswati Vidyalaya were present during this exclusive gathering. This was a historical event as no such school reunion encompassing more than 55 batches has ever been recorded in India.

Shri.Chandrakant Virkhare, Dr.Suresh Chair, Dr.Anup Marar, Shri. Alok Yadav, Smt. Ashwini Jichkar, Shri.Rajendra Kulkarni, Shri.Mukul Barhanpure, Shri.Shreekrishna Buty, Shri.K.Jagdeesan, Shri.Rakesh Purohit, Shri. Nikhil Mundle and Shri.Venkatesh Manian were the core committee members who lead 24 members Conveners team and 50 members Batch Coordinators of this Forum.


Shri.Udayan Shrouti (1980 SVN) & Dr.Swapna Khanzode (1995 SVN) conducted the Dec 28 evening ceremony under the guidance of Dr.Suresh Chair (1972 SVN) while Shri.Amol Kale (1996 SVN) played the role of Aide-de-Camp for Hon’ble CM.

From 6.00pm onwards a Musical evening “ Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” commenced  with  ex-student singers Shri. Kaivalya Kejkar, Shri.Makrand Moroney, Shri.Venkatesh Buty, Smt.Uma Raman, Shri.Swaminathan Aiyer, Dr. Neeta Bhave, Dr. Sadashiv Bhole, Shri.Sameer Moroney, Shri.Gopal Chatterjee, Shri.Rakesh Purohit, Shri.D.S.Yadav, Smt. Anagha Jaiswal , Shri.Sujit Rajankar, Dr. Swapna Khanjode and Shri.Parag Godbole.  Shri.Rakesh Purohit (1985 SVN) and Shri.Shivaji Dhawad ( 2001SVN) aided by Shri.Priyank Lohave (2003) & Ex- teacher Shri.D.S.Yadav supervised the musical evening.

Hon’ble CM was escorted from his  residence by Shri.Mukul Barhanpure, Shri.Alok Yadav, Shri.Vivek Mishra & Shri.Nandkishore Dubey (1985 SVN) . Traditional welcome at school entrance gate was given by Shri.G.Sivarama Krishnan( 1979 SVN),Shri.Rajendra Kulkarni( 1980 SVN), Shri.Ramu Bhagwat( 1976 SVN), Shri.Balaji Buty( 1984 SVN) and Ms.Tejaswini Lohit( 2004 SVN).

Subsequently Hon’ble CM performed Saraswati Pooja in Saraswati temple . Shri.K.Jagdeeshan (1959 SVN), Shri.Sanjay Rajak( 1988 SVN), Shri.Ashish Khandelwal (1992 SVN), Shri.Sunil Shrivastava  (1979 SVN) & Shri.Rajkumar Bachuka ( 1981 SVN) assisted him.

Hon’ble CM then lead the Guru Namaskar. “Ashish-vachan” scripted by ex-teachers Smt.Usha Mishra & Smt.Savitri Subramanium and designed by  Shri.Vivek  Mishra ( 1985 SVN ) was bestowed by hands of Ex- teachers Smt.Bakul Sharma & Shri.D.L.Parashar . Shri.Venkatesh Manian (1978 SVN), Shri.Manoj Virkhare (1994 SVN), Shri.Randhir Nashine (1986 SVN) & Shri.Yogesh Deshmukh (1988 SVN) coordinated this undertaking.

On the dais, after a welcome speech by ex- teacher Shri.Chandrakant Virkhare and Assembly readiness call by Shri.G.Sunil ( 1982 SVN), the School prayer was sung by Shri.Nikhil Mundle( 1985 SVN), Smt. Sulbha Deshpande( 1985 SVN),Shri.Sameer Badhe( 1991SVN), Shri.Rahul Pandey( 1995 SVN) ,Shri.Sandeep Pandey(1993 SVN), Shri.Avinash Sahu (1997 SVN), Shri.Abhiman Hegde( 1992 SVN) & Shri.Kshitij Sable ( 2007 SVN) .

This was followed by a Lamp lighting ceremony. A welcome bouquet was presented to Smt.Sarita Fadnavis by Shri.Ranjan Naik (1973 SVN) & Shri.Mohan Nahatkar ( 1975 SVN) while a token of affection was presented to her by Smt.Usha Mishra & Smt.N.Vijaylaxmi.

Dr.Charulata & Dr.Sharad Ranade were welcomed with a bouquet by Shri.Mohan Iyer (1977 SVN) & Dr.Radha Munje (1978 SVN).

Floral respects to Smt.Sapna & Shri.Gaurav  Ranade were given by Shri.Rajesh Sanghani ( 1976 SVN) & Shri.Ujwal Joshi( 1984 SVN ) followed by presentation of token of affection to Ms.Divija by Shri.Rahul Soman(1993 SVN) & Shri.Nirav Thacker(2008 SVN). A token of affection to Smt.Amruta was also presented by Smt. Ashwini Jichkar ( 1988 SVN)  & Smt.R.Budhay ( 1976 SVN).

Hon’ble CM was given a floral welcome by Shri.Amit Sampat ( 1996 SVN) & Shri.Mitesh Rambhia ( 1987 SVN) while a token of affection was  presented by Shri.G.Sivarama Krishnan (1979 SVN) & Shri. Vivek Mishra ( 1985 SVN) .

“ Abhinandan Patra” scripted by Dr.Radha Munje (1978 SVN) and designed by  Shri.Vivek  Mishra ( 1985 SVN)  was also presented to Hon’ble CM by Dr.Anup Marar (1982 SVN) & Shri.Sujit Rajankar ( 1989 SVN) while a memento in the form of Saraswati Devi idol was presented by ex-teacher Shri.Chandrakant Virkhare & Shri.Shreekrishna Buty( 1982 SVN).

Devendra Fadnavis’s batch-mate Shri.Rakesh Purohit (1985 SVN) then recalled some of the times spent with the CM in the school. Some words of wisdom were read out by ex-teacher Smt.Savitri Subramanium.

The Hon’ble CM also addressed all SVians, recalling anecdotes from his time in school and the things he misses and even some things he missed doing while in school. He brought the entire gathering to its feet in a standing ovation by promising to never let the school or his mates feel ashamed for his actions.

A vote of thanks was rendered by Dr.Anup Marar ( 1982 SVN), and followed by Group Photo with all conveners namely Shri.Amol Kale, Shri.G.Sivarama Krishnan, Smt.Reeta Budhay, Shri.Ashish Khandelwal, Shri.G.Sunil, Shri.Sujit Rajankar, Shri.Sanjay Rajak, Shri.Ramu Bhagwat, Shri. Sandeep Pandey, Shri. Udayam Shrouti, Shri.Randhir Nashine, Shri.Sunil Shrivastava, Shri.Manoj Virkhare, Shri.Vivek Mishra, Shri.Amit Sampat, Shri.Balaji Buty, Shri.Ujwal Joshi, Shri. Mitesh Rambhia & Shri.Shivaji Dhawad along with Ex-teachers Smt.Usha Mishra, Smt.Savitri Subramanium, Smt.N.Vijaylaxmi & Smt.Bakul Sharma.

The CM also gracefully posed for a Group Photo with all Batch Coordinators namely Shri.N.H.Janardhan, Shri.Jagtar Singh Sethi, Shri.Ranjan Nayak, Shri.Milind Gokhale, Shri.Mohan Nahatkar ,Shri.Rajesh Sanghani , Shri.Mohan Iyer, Shri.Ambarish Thaokar, Shri.Dharmendra Bandwar, Shri.Suryakumar, Shri.Rajendra Kulkarni , Shri.Rajkumar Bachuka, Shri.G. Sunil , Shri.Ujwal Joshi, Shri.Nandkishore Dubey, Shri.Randhir Nashine, Shri. Mitesh Rambhia, Shri.Sanjay Rajak, Shri.Yogesh Deshmukh, Shri.Pankaj S Dalvi , Shri.Sameer Badhe, Shri.Sandeep Pandey , Shri.Rahul Soman, Shri.Rahul Pandey, Shri.Amit Sampat , Shri.Avinash Sahu, Shri.Kapil Maheshwari, Ms.Deepmala Tiwari, Shri.Shivaji Dhawad, Shri.Mayank Sharma, Shri.Priyank Lohave, Ms.Tejaswini Lohit, Ms.Akshita Vyas, Shri.Swapnil Subhedar, Shri. Kshitij Sable, Ms.Aparna Nair, Shri.Nirav Thacker, Shri.Piyush Tidke, Shri.Swapnil Subhedar, Ms.Anamika Ray & Shri.Abhiman Hegde.

This was followed by Individual Batch Group photo sessions with the CM.

Subsequently all the participants in this unique evening joined for a simple Maharashtrian dinner supervised by Shri.Sunil Shrivastava (1979 SVN), Shri.Manoj Virkhare (1994 SVN) and Shri.Mitesh Rambhia (1987 SVN).

The organisers will also bring out a post event souvenir which will be an exceptional photo album of this ceremony  photographed by Shri.Sandeep Tambe ( 1980 SVN) and will be a collectors’ item . This will be subsequently issued to all registered SVians by Shri.Rajendra Kulkarni ( 1980 SVN) , Shri.Shreekrishna Buty( 1982 SVN)  and Dr.Anup Marar( 1982 SVN) .