Published On : Fri, Sep 25th, 2015

SUV turns turtle after hit by Scorpio, family escapes with minor injuries

Siraj Sheikh and his family were traveling in the Pajero car. Siraj suffers head injuries.

accident unthakhana
: A family of 7-8 members including children had a providential escape when the Pajero vehicle in which they were traveling turned turtle after being rammed into by a Scorpio vehicle near Medical College Square.

According to eye witnesses, a Mahendra Scorpio SUV bearing RTO Registration No MH-40 / AT-9821 was coming in full speed from Samrat Ashok Square and going towards Medical Square. At that very moment, Siraj Sheikh and his family members (7-8 people in all including children) traveling in a Mitsubishi Pajero bearing RTO Registration No MH-31 / SW 7786 were taking a turn after filling petrol from the bunk situated at a few feet away from Haldiram’s Store in Medical College Square. Suddenly the Scorpio which was traveling at a break neck speed rammed into the Mitsubishi Pajero from left side causing the vehicle to turn turtle.

According to sources, the injured Siraj Sheikh and his family were rushed to Lotus Hospital in Sakardhara area where they are undergoing treatment. Siraj Sheikh has incurred injuries to his head while the others escaped with minor aberrations and injuries. Thankfully fatality was reported in the accident.

accident  unthakhana .
The driver and three other passengers traveling in the Mahendra Scorpio fled from the spot after ramming into the Pajero.

The police arrived at the spot on receipt of information and with the help of some on-lookers straightened the Mitsubishi Pajero vehicle and took it the Police Station.  The police are on the look out for the errant driver of the Mahendra Scorpio vehicle.