Published On : Fri, Oct 30th, 2020

Survey wants Ganga Jamuna (Red Light) area banished in Nagpur City

Nagpur: A survey conducted under “Ban Ganga Jamuna Abhiyan” in Gandhibagh area has revealed that 90 percent of local residents want the Red Light area to be banished from the city. “We don’t want Ganga Jamuna anywhere in Nagpur city,” said the survey. The survey sought the opinion of local residents on the issue. 69 percent men and 31 percent women participated in the survey and opened their minds. 53 percent surveyed people were local residents of Gandhibagh, 28 percent traders and 19 percent people were from other areas. The survey was aimed at curbing prostitution network, immoral trafficking and crimes connected with the dubious business at other places in the city.

The survey was conducted under the supervision of social activist Sunil Gotefode.

According to statistics released recently by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Nagpur ranked seventh in the country on the issue of atrocities on women. The NCRB report also said that the incidents of murders and kidnapping have increased in Nagpur by 25 percent and 7.6 percent respectively. The spurt in crimes in Nagpur city is worrisome. In the police actions in the recent past, it came to the fore that Ganga Jamuna could be connected to various crimes such as boom in sex rackets, drug consumption, drug peddling, and other related crimes. The survey says the red light area has a combination of factors that can create a major hotspot, which, in turn, could cause the infectious diseases to spread among a large population. Hence the survey was conducted to know the actual facts.

For the sake of authenticity and flawless result, the survey included 69 percent people residing in the area for more than 15 years, 28 percent people staying between 10 and 15 years and 3 percent people residing between 5 and 10 years in the area. Some people connected with Ganga Jamuna Basti were also included in the survey.

The survey facts:

· During the survey, 100 percent people felt bad effects on families due to adjacent Ganga Jamuna Basti. Womenfolk always feared for their safety and security. The Red Light area could be one of the reasons for spurt in crimes in Nagpur city, they opined.

· 90 percent people attributed Ganga Jamuna for incidents of eve teasing, molestation, vulgar comments, indecent behaviour in the area particularly in the evening hours.

· 88 percent residents opined that drug trafficking takes place in the Basti and youngsters are falling victims to drug addiction.

· 85 percent of people said that clashes and attacks occur due to drug consumption and women are abused and maltreated.

·50 percent of people saw an increase in heinous crimes such as rapes due to Basti.

· 80 percent of people attributed the increase in murders, assaults, burglaries and other crimes due to this Red Light area.

The social activist Sunil Gotefode said that the demands to curb flesh trade in the Ganga Jamuna area are being raised since the past many years. But due to interference by some ‘white-collared’ people, the ‘Ban Ganga Jamuna Abhiyan’ was scuttled. On the other hand, the courts allowed women to reside in Ganga Jamuna area but curbed prostitution. But still, flesh trade is being carried out with impunity in the area. This is leading to an increase in crimes in Nagpur city.