Published On : Thu, May 14th, 2015

Suretech Hospital, row over 4-year-old girl’s death: who is to be really blamed?


Nagpur: While keeping in mind that no doctor or medical professional in his senses would ever want their patient to die. The concept remains the same even for hospitals, clinics and other hospice. However, the relatives of patient often assume that the doctors are magicians and just by the wave of a wand will cure the patient immaterial of how critical a particular patient is. When, in-spite of all efforts, when the patient dies, the kith and kin of the deceased vent their anger on the doctors or the hospitals and nursing homes.

While speaking exclusively with Medical Administrator and Superintendent of Suretech Hospital and Research Centre, Dr Hema Dhoble said that their hospital is not at all to be blamed since they had never admitted the patient.

She explained the events as it had happened.

In this case a couple brings a critically ill 4-year-old patient to Suretech Hospital at around 02:05 am on May 12, 2015. They asked the hospital authorities to admit the patient for treatment. The receptionist at Suretech asked for any documents of the patient, which the parents could not produce. On pure humanitarian basis, she sent the patient to the casualty ward where the Resident Medical Officer checked her and rang up the visiting Pediatrician Dr Yogesh Papde. He expressed his inability to come to the hospital since he himself was running fever and asked the parents of the patient to rush the patient to ever so many hospitals in close vicinity of Suretech. The Closed Circuit Tele Vision (CCTV) footage showed how the patient moved out of their hospital in 15 minutes.

However, on May 13, 2015, the members of Nagpur City Youth Congress led by Bunty Shelke, parents of a four-year-old patient and their relatives and friends created ruckus at the Suretech Hospital alleging denial of treatment to the patient since the family couldn’t deposit the Rs10,000 advance demanded by the hospital.

The Dhantoli police have registered a complaint from the family. The newly formed Vidarbha Hospitals Association (VHA) has also strongly condemned manhandling of the Suretech staff by the protestors.

Kamlesh and Sarika Shende, parents of four-year-old Kunika alleged that the doctors in the hospital on Tuesday refused treatment to their daughter as they could not deposit an advance of Rs10,000/-. The family stated it was forced to take the girl to Samarpan Hospital in Indora on suggestion of a friend where she died after about 15 minutes after a revival effort by doctors.

The girl’s mother Sarika told media personnel that her daughter suddenly developed fever in her mother’s village near Amravati. The parents took her to More Hospital in Amravati first where she was admitted for some time before she started having convulsions. The doctors there told the relatives to take her to the Panjabrao Deshmukh Medical College. Unfortunately, there too, the pediatric ICU was being fumigated and doctors said they couldn’t provide her ICU care. Parents then decided to bring her to Nagpur in PDMC ambulance.

The parents falsely alleged that the hospital authorities have taken her daughter twice inside the hospital and administering her saline and some treatment. However, she was handed back to them since they couldn’t deposit the advance money. We took her to another hospital where she died claimed Sarika.

The hospital administration, in a statement, has denied the allegation. Medical Administrator and Superintendent of Suretech Hospital and Research Centre, Dr Hema Dhoble told Nagpur Today that as per hospital’s CCTV footage the patient was given first aid in casualty and was referred to medical college as the paediatrician Dr Yogesh Papde was himself sick and couldn’t have attended the patient. There is no question of money. There is no paper work as she wasn’t admitted and only treated at casualty.

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