Surendragarh NMC school principal, teachers making all efforts for betterment of students

Nagpur: On seeing the condition of the school on can at once make out that it is the NMC school. The students are compelled to study in a school where there are no arrangements or facilities at all. Same is the case with the Surendragarh Primary and Hindi Secondary School There are 244 students in the Ist to 7th standard while from 8th to 10th standard there are just 160 students. Total there are just 404 students in the school and 10 teachers. out of these five are permanent while other 5 are ad-hoc. As per the rule there should be 1 teacher after every 35 students. But here after 40 students there is one teacher.

There should have been at 10 permanent teachers but only 5 are permanent. There are two peons and one watchman. The sweeping and cleaning is done by NMC employees. The Secondary school principal also teaches here. But as per rule the principal is supposed to see the administration only. The school is in a dilapidated condition it has developed big cracks. The toilet is the worst. Outside the gate in the ground one gets a feeling of dairy as there are so many cattle sitting.

Poor facilities for students
Though the teachers claim that there are enough facilities for the students yet condition is bad. The toilets are in pretty bad condition. The doors of the toilets are broken from bottom. The drinking water arrangement is just opposite to the toilet. The food is seen strewned near the tap and is never cleaned. The peon informed that since the sweeper of NMC has not come everything is lying as it is. The tiolet on the top floor were secondary classes are held are quite clean. Since the building is in poor condition. Many students are not allowed to go upstairs. In the higher classes the condition of toilets, bench and desk are in better condition. The laboratory of this school is good but due to lack of cleanliness the material is lying helter skelter. The 10 to 12 computers are there in one of the rooms and according to principal the students are taught computer.

Principal teachers’ noble gesture
The teachers of the NMC schools have been making efforts to stop the students from leaving the school. Th NMC school teachers have been helping the students. The principal of this school has purchased digest for the students of 10th standard with her own money. The principal and the teacher have filled the scholarship forms of the students spending Rs two thousand. The Principal and teachers spent the money from their own pockets for the 15 days computer course of students and got them certificates. The principal and teachers have been providing stationery to students for exam.

Principal, Teachers are making efforts so that students do not suffer. The teachers take lot of pains so that the students pass their 10th class exam in first attempt. The teachers have completed the course of 10th standard and now are preparing for exam.

—Shamanand Tayde