Published On : Tue, Sep 19th, 2017

Sunny Leone’s Navratri-themed condom ad sparks row

Baby doll Sunny Leone has once again caught the eye of storm and this time she has stirred up a real storm. Sunny is inviting the ire of radical groups for her objection presentation of Navratri festival in her new condom ad. The ad asks people to ‘Play but with love, this Navratri.’ However, it seems the condom makers went a bit too far with it, if people in Gujarat are supposed to be trusted. A group called Hindu Yuva Vahini staged a protest at a location where the ad was shot.

The group protested against it and demanded a removal of the ad. Narendra Chaudhary, businessman and president of Hindu Yuva Vahini, told a newspaper, “The message in Gujarati on the hoarding reads ‘Aa Navratri a ramo, parantu premthi’ – Play but with love, this Navratri. The insinuation on the hoardings from a condom brand insults the religious sentiments of Hindus. This cannot be tolerated and our protests will get stronger if these hoardings are not removed immediately. Protests are necessary to deter others from trying something similar again in future.”

According to the report, people in Surat were quite taken aback when they saw the hoardings ahead of the festival which begins tomorrow, across the city. Immediately, it went viral on social media and obviously, somebody got offended. Apparently, it hurts the sentiments of people who celebrate the festival. Well, tough luck Sunny! You just can’t escape controversies, it seems. Recently, when almost the whole of Kochi was on the road to catch a glimpse of you, they were booked.