Published On : Sun, Jul 10th, 2016

Sunday Sattire : Nagpur roads just got new speed breakers


Get set to jam your speed all you street racers and top speed lovers. Neither honking nor applying quick brakes will help you out cope up with these speed breakers!! Why?? Because you will never know when, where and how it would turn up on busy Nagpur stretches to not only break your speed but chances are there you may end up breaking your bones too!  No buddy, obviously not…traffic department is certainly not given free hand to thrash you for speeding your vehicles beyond permissible limits! We are talking about the tall and mobile road keepers cum road blockers which are now multiplied in abundance to choke every chowk and galli of Nagpur.
Call it menace or road monsters, they are now destined to cross your way. Thanks to NMC officials for doling out extra convenience to these straying cattle and being more lenient towards those owning them.
The fresh rainy season has thrown open greener pastures for all the freewheeling creatures be it cows, buffaloes, cats and dogs. You should find the last two even when it is raining ‘cats and dogs’. Got yaa?? But rains or no rains, the bigger ones will grossly block every vehicular movement on daily basis. The scene gives an impression that stray cattle have literally taken over traffic cops and performing even better duty. They are continuously on their job as there are no loo or ‘soo’ breaks. The city is an open toilet to them (we are referring to the cattle, mind it). These innocent creatures are so earnest in their duties of checking (or choking) your vehicle’s speed that they even relieve themselves on roads but wouldn’t spare you for once.
Enthused by the scene an enthusiast twitterati Sunil Warrier posted a picture of big bold buffaloes, clicked by photo journalist Ranjit Deshmukh. The picture aimed at drawing attention of the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis who too happens to be from Nagpur. The caption reads “@Dev_Fadnavis Familiar everyday scenes in Nagpur.”
So how happy are you with these new speed breakers? Do let us know in the comment box below…