Published On : Sat, Mar 28th, 2015

Sudden strong winds and untimely rains play spoil sport in Ram Navmi celebrations

Nagpur: The weather was hot gave a feel of summer season. However, suddenly the sky became overcast and soon strong winds started blowing from the north direction. What started as a slight drizzle, soon became heavy showers.

This winds and rains, however played spoil sport in the Ram Navmi celebrations. At most places, the tableaus were still getting set-up and readied. However, with the untimely rains, the preparations on the truck-beds had to be withheld or stopped.

cec5c8800b2c6bb6eb8503bf1c667f37The welcome gates erected by various prominent personalities or politicians too had to bear the effects of the strong winds. People had to rush to nearest shelter to avoid getting wet.

The gates crashed down at many places and had to be re-erected. The winds brought dried leaves and dust onto the roads which were cleaned to welcome the Ram Navmi Shobhayatra with colourful tableaus.