Published On : Mon, Apr 27th, 2015

Subhash Kotecha: Altruistic saviour of the poor

Tete-e-tete with Subhash Kotecha: A true philanthropist with a difference


Nagpur Today had the pleasure of having a candid talk recently with Subhash Kotecha the Founder Chairman of Sarva Manav Sewa Sangh (SMS-Sangh). For once Nagpur Today personnel met a genuine philanthropist who reaches out to the poor and needy, makes provisions for feeding them by ensuring that they get food-grains at cheap rate through a Jan Dhanya Yojana (Wheat at Rs 5 per 5Kgs and Rice at Rs 10 per 5 Kgs), facilitating that every needy patient get their appropriate health care with right medicines, surgeries and other essentials needed for post-treatment/surgical care. He has special place in the heart for widows, divorcees, senior-citizens, abandoned and neglected aged people. He is absolutely sure about his objectives and is executing his philanthropic work in a very planned and systematic manner.

IMG_6677It is thought provoking an experience to see Subhash Kotecha working and to see his inner urge to move about to help people in need. Subhash Kotecha leaves no stone unturned to arrange medicines and medical aids reach people at really unbelievable prices. It is pleasing to watch, Subhash Kotecha how he is down to earth and pragmatic to make absolutely sure that help is reaching the deserving people only. He utilizes the services of young volunteers to check the antecedents of the beneficiaries and verifies whether they are really the needy and destitute they claim to be.

He requests the affluent friends and well wishers to celebrate their birthdays elegantly and perform a philanthropic act by donating food grains to the destitute people in various localities. He also collects old clothes from rich people, and eventually distributes these to the poor. He also endeavors to find jobs for the youths who are in such need jobs by using his contacts.

At the moment, the Sarva Manav Sewa Sangh is concentrating on Prabhagh No 37, Hirvi Nagar with 151 families. This is planned for this year. After successful completion of this zone, Sarva Manav Sewa Sangh intends to cover others zones.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Subhash Kotecha said that he has come up with an Ananj Card (Similar to Ration Card). The card has details like: Name, Address, Member No, Number of Family Members, Photograph, Election Card details, Adhar Card Details, Ration, Death Certificate (of Spouse).  We asked, “what will poor people who do not have Election card and Adhar card do”? He said that he has contacts and office-bearers of Sarva Manav Sewa Sangh help him in getting the cards made for the poor people.

He also has signed agreements with many hospitals, diagnostic clinics and chemists and Generic Chemists shops where the owners have promised to give different percentage of discounts to the poor and needy people when they show a printed Medical and Health form filled by Sarva Manav Sewa Sangh and signed by Subhash Kotecha. While the poor get discount in some hospitals, at other hospitals, their bills are paid by Subhash Kotecha.

Apart from this Sarva Manav Sewa Sangh provides Sewing Machines to the widows and divorcees so that they can earn a decent livelihood. Similarly, they also provide Tricycles to the handicapped so that they can be mobile and earn a normal life. Apart from these services, Sarva Manav Sewa Sangh also donates Shawls, Blankets, Muflers in Winter season to foot-path dwellers. They also donate Umbrellas, Raincoats and other rain wear to poor people who have to go out in rains to earn a livelihood.

When asked what his ideals are, Nagpur Today found that he has an unique, noble ideals and aims in his life. Subhash Bhimraj Kotecha said that his aim is to ensure:

  1. 1.    No patient should be deprived of Medical Treatment for dearth of money. The donor’s money should be spent for the right cause. To be a aprt of virtue and righteous merit.
  2. 2.    To help in Government Schemes to reach grass-root level of society.
  3. 3.    To look after those patients and their caretakers who hail from other states, places etc.
  4. 4.    To ensure that values and ethics are imbibed into youth.


IMG_6679Subhash Kotecha aged 57 years was born at Malkapur (Buldana). He is a happily married man who has completed his family responsibilities of getting both his children, i.e. a son and a daughter well settled and married. He acquired his primary education from Rajeshwar Union High School Badnera, took his degree in Commerce from Bhartiya Mahavidyalaya Amravati followed his DLT from Law College Jalgaon. He has been running a business of sale, purchase and finance of vehicles for the past 15 years under the banner of Wardhaman Motors. He is well versed in number of languages which include Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati and Marwari.


He is actively involved in various socio-political organizations.

He is the founder of Sarva Manav Sewa Sangh, Nagpur. He is former President of Oswal Panchayati, Former Mahamantri of Shri Wardhaman Sthanakwasi Jain Shravak Sangh, Former President and Trustee of Bharatiya Jain Sangatna, Former Vice President of Jain Club, Former Member of CIIMS Hospital, Former Member of Akhil Bharatiya Jain Conference, Vice President of BJP, Nagpur City, Member of BJP-Protocol Committee, President of Wardhaman Nagar Jain Samaj, Director of Pusad Urban Cooperative Bank, Nagpur, Founder of Mahavir Jain Yuvak Mandal, Mahamantri of Giants Group of Orange City, Organizer of Auto Union Nagpur and Former Secretary of  Adya Shakti Jagdamba Mandir Trust.

Awards: Well, his efforts are not ignored, they are recognized and gets due awards too. He was awarded with the Best Cadet Award by the 8th Maharashtra Battalion, NCC Amravati in 1974. He also received his NCC ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificate in 1975. He got Inter-University Volleyball Championship in 1977, He also received his Best Firer award in 1977. He was awarded with Ahimsa Award in 2014 and National Jeevan Gaurav Award, at Chhattisgarh in 2014.