Published On : Wed, Jan 10th, 2018

Study tour turns into a nightmare for students of Dr Ambedkar College of Social Work

Students Protest on College tour
Nagpur: The students of Dr Ambedkar College of Social Work situated at Kailashnagar on Manewada Road were seen agitating and demonstrating the whole night of Tuesday till Wednesday morning as there dream of study tour had turned into a nightmare right from the moment when the tour began.

The students had awaited study tour as they were going to get first hand information for their study material and as well as they would enjoy. But what they under went during the whole tour was a hell. The college had taken Rs 3700 from each student. During this tour they were to visit Wardha, Pandharpur, Goa, Ganpatipule etc. Right from the beginning the students started facing problem.

The bus was a 50 seater one while 60 students were being taken . Out of the total students 10 had to sit down in the space between the two rows of seats and travel all the way long. As if this was not enough, the trouble with the food started. They were served food which not fit to be eaten. In the dal, rice there were insects and worms, often the food would not be properly cooked. As told by the college management before the tour that good arrangement would be made nothing of that sort was found. The 8 persons were sent by college with students who did not know anything whatever the students asked.

The students hearts were boots when they came to know that there was just one single driver for such long tour. They were scared of accident as the driver would continously drive for two days without taking rest. The students would not get time to rest properly they were continously travelling. The college administration had told the students that they would get good mattresses to rest but students had to sleep on carpet in this cold season. There were no toilets. They had to attend nature’s call in open. Some of the students fell ill but the college administration was least bothered. The students themselves took care of the fellow students who were ill.

After experiencing such bad treatment the students on reaching Nagpur refused to get down from the bus till the college managements said sorry for the entire mismanagement and returned tour money that they had charged. The college management called for the police.

Even the police administration telephoned the college administration to settle the matter but none turned up. The 8 person of college left one by one. After a lot of coaxing and request from the police the students did not move an inch and sat in front of college whole night in the cold.