Published On : Fri, Oct 13th, 2017

Students staying illegally removed from NU’s Ravi Nagar hostel

Nagpur University Boys Hostel
Nagpur: After receiving several complaints of students staying illegitimately in the Ravi Nagar based hostel of Nagpur University, the university finally deployed security forces who carried out a check in the hostel and the students not possessing an Identity card were sent away from the hostel. It is to be mentioned that the university had been receiving complaints for a long time and had failed in removing the students even after several attempts.

Notably, the university had warned the students to vacate the hostel last week and had also told them that the students staying without permission who do not vacate the hostel will be forcefully removed.

The lower part of the hostel comprises of 190 rooms in which arrangements are made to accommodate 380 students. The university provides one room for two students. However, the administration is claiming that four students are living in each room which is against the rules.

On the other hand, the students have a different story to narrate. As claimed by them, it is wrong from university’s end to make them vacate the hostels. They have been claiming that no student has been living in the hostel without valid basis. As is being stated by them, they all have admission in one or the other department of the university. Most of the students belong to poor families evacuating the hostel will only affect their studies.