Published On : Mon, May 8th, 2017

Students excelling in drawing, classical and folk arts to get extra marks in SSC

From the coming academic year — 2017-18 — students excelling in drawing, classical and folk arts will receive extra marks in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) much like students who play sports as per directives of Maharashtra State Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board, Pune, to all schools.

Separate guidelines have been formulated to award the marks to students across different fields. Those who have studied classical dance, drama and singing for a minimum of five years from a government-approved institution, and passed five exams in that art, will be given extra marks. Those passing three exams will also get extra marks apart from winners of national and state-level tournaments or scholarships in these arts.

The scheme is only for regular students. Those students appearing for the exam second time will not benefit of the scheme. Students who learn classical dance, drama and music for at least five years and pass a minimum of five exams from government-approved institutions will get 15 extra marks in SSC scores, while those who pass three exams can get 10 extra marks.

Students who win at national or state-level championships, or get scholarships in classical art, will get 25 marks. Students excelling in theatre are eligible for 10 extra marks, while between 5-15 marks will be awarded on the basis of grades in intermediate drawing exams.