Published On : Wed, Oct 18th, 2017

Student beaten by teacher over declining to eat ‘Mid-day meal’

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Nagpur: Kaustubh Tembhurne, a student of class IV in Gurunanak Primary and High School situated at Bhejhanbag has allegedly been brutally beaten by his class teacher Jennifer Kale over the former declining to eat the Mid-day meal, as reported in a local Hindi daily. The episode has shocked the child as well as his parents.

The association of guardians from the school have demanded strict actions against the school teacher. Such violent act against a student has landed the security of students under question.

Student was beaten for declining to eat Mid-day meal:
The student had informed his parents that he does not like to eat the food provided in school. Thus, concerned about his health, the parents had suggested Kaustubh not to consume the food. It is to be mentioned that the quality and taste of food offered to students in mid-day is not a hidden fact.

Kaustubh and some of his friends had declined to eat the food over which he was fiercely beaten by Kale to the extent that wounds appeared on his body. When the student narrated the matter to his parents, they complained the matter too school administration which, however, tried to dodge the whole issue.

Maggots in food:
Mahendra Parate, Vice President, ‘Palak Sangharsh Samiti’ informed that the food given to students in the school is of very low quality. Several incidents have been seen when the cooked food contained maggots which makes it obvious for the parents to ask children for eating the food given to them.

“It is illegal to beat a student in school. My child has not only had physical but mental wounds as well”, said Badal Tembhurne, Kaustubh’s father.

“We are demanding strict actions against the teacher. If the school administration declines our demand we will approach Education Department”, said Arvind Nandgave, President, ‘Palak Sangharsh Samiti’.

P.H. Michael, Principal, informed that the issue has been sorted and there is no conflict.