Published On : Sun, Jan 4th, 2015

‘Strings’, a messenger app to delete sent items from receiver’s inbox

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Did you happen to booze last night and send unusual messages to someone, which you otherwise have not sent if not drunk? And what if on the very other day when you regain your senses, you wish to undo what you did last night- delete the sent messages from the receiver’s cell phone?

No need to worry, now you can download a tool to do so! ‘Strings’ is the all new smartphone application and messenger, which has the option to delete the unwanted messages, not just from sender’s, but from receiver’s inbox as well.

There was a recent announcement from the Seattle-based startup Be Labs about the completion of beta testing for ‘Strings’, a new messaging app that gives users complete control over their personal conversations.

‘Strings’ gives the user a liberty to share information with whoever they want and even take it back, the company said. The app combines granular control over who sees what with multi-conversation context and rich media to create a simple and intuitive way to have interactive, personal conversations.

The control commences by allowing the user to select whom to start a conversations with. Users can add or remove people whenever they want to. Also, it allows the users to fluidly upload high quality media, including unlimited-length videos and high-resolution photos, into their conversations. Users always maintain the ability to delete a string of conversation at any time. Once deleted, the string and all its associated content is removed permanently from every users’ phone and also from the String’s servers.