Published On : Fri, Dec 27th, 2013

Strengthen Security of ATMs till Dec 31 or face action, directs DGP to cops

Nagpur News.

Maharashtra Director General of Police (DGP) Sanjeev Dayal has written to all the police commissioners, deputy police commissioners and district superintendents in Maharashtra about tightening security of ATM machines of various banks installed in different parts of the cities including Nagpur. In the clear cut directives, Dayal has given the ultimatum to the local police departments to either secure ATMs by December 31 or be prepared to face the action.

A woman in Bangalore was brutally beaten up in an ATM machine recently, the news of which rocked the nation. In a follow up to this incident a survey was conducted across various cities including Nagpur, in which the ATMs across various nationalized, private, scheduled and multi-state banks were inspected. Most of the ATMs were found without any guard or CCTV cameras in place. During the monitoring session, most of the banks were asked to remove advertisement posters from the glass door of the ATM chambers. Most of them were instructed to install CCTV cameras for clear view of the scenes outside the machines. It was also directed to bring strict measures in place to ensure fool proof security of these cash vending machines. The bank officers should follow the process of transferring cash in presence of the security guards.

Acting in line with the letter from DGP, the DCPs across various zones in Nagpur have started meeting the bank officers and branch managers in this regard so as to ensure maximum security possible.

A rough estimate puts the number of ATM machines in Nagpur to around 500, most of which does not match the security standards.

It may be mentioned that Nagpur Today was the first to focus on the unguarded ATMs in the city after the Bangalore incident.

File Photo of 2012 Dec-31 Futala New Year Celebration

File Photo of 2012 Dec-31 Futala New Year Celebration