Published On : Fri, Sep 2nd, 2016

Streets echoed with the slogan Kali Marbat, Pivli Marbat, Badgya Gheun Ja Ge Marbat!

Marbat Nagpur
: Like every year, this year too, the Marbat festival was observed with fun and gaiety. This is the 132nd year of celebration of this special Cultural and Tradition event which has become symbolic with Nagpur city.

This rally with the Kali (Black) and Pivli (Yellow) Marbat along with other Badgyas completed its scheduled route amidst tight security at every square.

The subjects of the Badgyas which are taken out along with the Marbat depict the anomalies existing in the society. These Badgyas are a way of posing the anomalies existing in the society in front of the People’s court (Janta ka Darbar).

On Friday, September 2, 2016, The Pivli Marbat organized every year by the Tirhane Teli Samaj started the rally after completing all the traditional Pooja (prayers) and Archanas (offerings) from Jagannath Budhwari area. People of all age groups and sections of the society were seen dancing to the tunes of Drums and DJ playing loud music. The youth preferred to dance to the tunes played by the DJ. Many women were seen lining up on the sides of the path which was followed by the Marbat. The main attraction is the enthusiasm of the people and the point where the Kali and the Pivli Marbat meet. Once the Kali and the Pivli Marbat meet at Nehru Putla Square in Jagannath Budhwari, the festivities end.

While the Kali Marbat symbolizes the evil, the Pivli Marbat symbolizes all those wishes and desires that people have in their heart and pray to Pivli Marbat to fulfill them. This is one reason why people offer prayers (pooja) to Pivli Marbat and take its blessings. They also hope that all the evils existing in the hearts and the society is taken away by the Marbat. Many shower flowers on the Marbat and shout the popular slogan Kali Marbat, Pivli Marbat, Badgya Gheun Ja Ge Marbat. 

Badgya Marbat Nagpur
The Badgyas too, play an important role in the Marbat Rally. This is one means by which the people raise social evils and issues. This year many different types of Badgyas were made and taken out.

  • An open challenge was given to Nitesh Rane who dared to come to Vidarbha and threaten Vidarbhites. Through the Badgya, people had challenged Nitesh Rane to as much as touch any Vidarbhites and then face the consequences.
  • The second Badgya featured attacked the BJP Government and its leaders (who hail from the city) who gave false assurances of a separate Vidarbha.
  • The third Badgya featured the International issue of terrorism and ISIS.
  • One of the main Badgya featured the opposition to the 100 % FDI Policy by Modi Government.
  • Other Badgyas depicted corruption, scamsters and other social evils.