Published On : Wed, Nov 26th, 2014

Steering Committee approves the turnaround program of WCL

pic1Sri Rajiv R Mishra, Chairman cum MD, WCL unveiled the vision document and turnaround program of the company before Steering Committee Members consisting of representatives of trade unions and the management. He enumerated the way forward to produce 60 million tonnes of coal by the Financial Year 2019-20 as against the present coal production level of 42 million tonnes, that is growth of 20 million tonnes within the span of 5 years. The company has taken steps to open the 40 projects which were held up on account of viability and the issues of Bank Guarantee with the consumers.


Sri Mishra explained the future plans for the company, which will not only add to the country’s coal production but at the same time, fill the coffers of the company.

Steering committee took an important decision with prospective effect to absorb the PAPs and dependants, in the nearby areas, as far as possible while providing them employment.

The steering committee attended by Sri SQ Jama, INTUC, Sri R K Chib, INTUC, Sri Umashankar Singh HMS, Sri Narendra Chandraiya, AITUC, Sri Ramesh Ballewar, BMS, Sri S H Beg, AITUC, Sri Saurabh Dubey CMOAI along with Functional Directors – Sri R R Mishra, CMD, Sri Rupak Dayal, DP, Sri S S Malhi, DT, and other Heads of the departments.