Published On : Sun, Jul 12th, 2015

Star buses may stop plying form Monday!

The Star city bus services, plying in the city and also on its outskirts, are likely to come to stand still from Monday, causing serious problem to the daily commuters. The reason is said to be the notice served by the Nagpur RTO on NMC to pay Rs 7.93 crore as outstanding against star bus service within three days. The NMC is reported to be upset over the issue, and mulling over the solution to the problem.

It may be mentioned here that NMC has given contract of city bus service to Vansh Nimay Infra. The RTO has granted permission to Vansh Nimay Infra to ply its buses on as many as 17 routes. As per RTO rules, it is mandatory to pay 3.5% as passenger tax and child welfare tax. In year 2007 Vansh Nimay had paid Rs 7 lakh to RTO for plying 25 buses then. But there after 8 years have passed, the Vansh Nimay Infra has not paid even a single rupee to the RTO.

The RTO today (July 12) served a notice to NMC commissioner Shravan Hardikar for violation of rules framed by the state government in this regard, directing that if Rs 7.93 crore overdue are not deposited with the RTO within 3 days, the plying of buses would be stopped. On the other hand, the transport commissioner has cautioned the RTO of freezing his salary annual increment in case the NMC fails to deposit the said amount within the stipulated time frame.

It may be mentioned that there is no control of NMC over the star bus service contractor, and he has failed to provide the information about the numbers of daily commuters to the RTO. Now, once the star bus service comes to stand still, it will not only cause problem to citizens and school-going students, but also make as many as 1600 drivers and conductors of star bus service lose employment.

Vansh Nimay Infra shall pay Rs 7.93 crore: NMC commissioner

Reacting on the notice served by the RTO on NMC, its commissioner Shravan Hardikar told Nagpur Today correspondent that Vansh Nimay Infra would be able to pay the overdue amount Rs 7.93 RTO. According to the NMC commissioner and the officials of Vansh Nimay Infra, Rs 70 crore, accrued from fare-concessions to senior citizens, school-going students while travelling in star buses, are deposited with the NMC, and once that amount is released to Vansh Infra it would deposit the overdue Rs 7.93 crore with the RTO, and the problem would be solved.

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