Published On : Mon, Apr 9th, 2018

Sri Reddy’s landlord asks her to vacant house for going topless on streets

Sri Reddy‘s topless protest against casting couch in Tollywood is making a few things difficult for the Telugu actress. She has already been denied membership at the Movie Artistes Association and now the actress has posted, she has been asked by her owner to vackate the premises and it’s because of her protest. Writing about it on her Facebook wall, the actress said, “My owner called me and told to vacate my house,what a great people..he is working as an ias ..such a narrow minded people..U didnt even imagine how rude talking..Big people game started..” [sic]

Last Saturday, Sri Reddy reached the Telugu Film Chambers of Commerce wearing a salwar kameez and later went topless to protest against casting couch. “This is the only way I can think of expressing my grief. If I have shown myself nude to several people in the film industry and despite that have got no roles, the only way I can protest is by going nude publicly,” states the actress as per reports on Times Of India.

She went on to declare that despite having sent nude videos on filmmaker’s requests, she has not been given roles. “They see the videos and give no roles. They have even asked for live nude videos from me. That is the extent to which they go to take advantage of women who seek roles,” she said. This action had many reactions and she is adjusting to it.