Published On : Wed, Dec 13th, 2017

Split wide open: Has Chhota Shakeel broken away from Dawood

Mumbai: Is there a split in the D Gang. A recent development reported by the Indian intelligence agencies suggests that Dawood Ibrahim’s trusted man, Chhota Shakeel has moved away from the Clifton residence where the don stays.

Both have been living in that area in Karachi Pakistan since the 1980s after they fled from India.

According to intelligence reports, the problem between the two began over Dawood’s brother Anees. Shakeel has often complained about interference by Anees who always tries to have the upper hand in affairs of the syndicate.

Dawood has often sided with Anees and also supported him in the succession battle. Dawood wants his brother to take over the affairs of the gang, but Shakeel says that the most of the work is undertaken by him.

Shakeel has always been Dawood’s go-to man and the former feels left out as a result of which he had decided to move away from the intelligence report states.

The Indian agencies are scrutinising this information carefully. If it is indeed true that Shakeel has moved away from Dawood, then it is good news for India. Shakeel has been in command of the syndicate for long and has handled the India operations exclusively. He is a well-known face with the Indian operatives and him breaking away from Dawood could weaken the syndicate considerably.