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    Published On : Thu, Dec 3rd, 2015

    Speculations abound in the Advocate’s suicide story


    Nagpur: The entire court is abuzz with various apprehensions and speculations are going back and forth about the Advocate’s alleged suicide. While one group of lawyers or advocates is vociferously arguing that it is a clear case of suicide and an open and shut case since the suicide note was found on his person and his handwriting was identified and verified by his own brother, on the other hand, another group of lawyers is arguing that a lot of statements and actual happenings do not add-up to declare the case to be that of a suicide.

    Pro-Suicide theory
    Those who are arguing that this was a clear case of suicide claimed that he was depressed for quite some time. The deceased Advocate was not a very eloquent or talkative person (an introvert) who must have had some troubles in his own family and his mental pressure forced him to take this extreme step. It is a clear case of suicide since a suicide note was found on his person claiming that he was committing suicide and nobody should be blamed for his death.

    Foul play theory
    When someone leaps from the seventh floor (approximately 90 feet), he would certainly fall a little away from the building. (The dead body was found very close to the building). Secondly when a person commits suicide by leaping from the seventh floor, he would land in a perpendicular position to the face of the building (shown in Image-2).

    While the body was found like the one in Image 1, which is raising quite some doubts about the suicide theory, some of the senior lawyers who were present in the ground floor where the body had landed had a lot of questions like:
    1. Why is there no blood at the spot? When someone falls from the seventh floor almost many bones would have been crushed. But only his face was smashed as if someone had smashed the face to hide the identity of the person.
    2. The Pant was open probably because his pant got caught in the dickey of the car where someone could have brought him and dumped him assuming him to be dead.
    3. The time of actual death is again controversial. Since those who found him claimed him to be dead, while the police version claims that he was taken to IGGMC (Mayo) Hospital where he was undergoing treatment and died on 7:30 pm (approx) on Sunday.
    4. Another query that was raised is why no person observed him jump to his death from the seventh floor window on Saturday. Since the evening court was in Session.
    5. Where is the mobile phone? Why it was not located as yet?

    6. Are some of the PILs that he had filed the main cause of his committing suicide or homicide?



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