Published On : Sun, Nov 8th, 2015

Spectacular Diwali gift for Congress from Bihar – 27 seats won! Rahul advises PM to get to work


Bihar victory is for Congress a blessing after a long period of after a long period of being left out in the cold by voters of various states of India.

Congress had contested 41 seats out of 243 as part of the Grand Alliance and has won in 27. The party lost no time in crediting Rahul Gandhi for it, hailing him as the “architect” of the Grand Alliance. They concede that Nitish is the architect of Bihar victory but Rahul was responsible for the tri party alliance coming about in that state.
It is the general refrain in the party with general secretary Shakeel Ahmed insisting that the Grand Alliance could not have been possible but for the effective role played by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi. Congress leaders disclosed that it was their V.P. Rahul who brought Nitish and Lalu Prasad together and played the role of catalyst at a time when the RJD supremo was having reservations about joining hands with Nitish, who was once his protegee in Bihar.
Rahul is also showing a new belligerence in advising PM, Modi about ” getting to work asap”. His exacts words were:

“Modi, abhi idhar- udhar USA, London ghoomna band kijiye. Thoda gareeb farmers ke beech me jao; kabhi workers se milo.” ( Stop visiting all these foreign countries. Stay put and work in our country. Visit poor farmers, visit impoverished labour.

He also said that the ‘car’ of Modi’s government needed to be put into Drive mode and move forward.
“Or else rest of India will do what people of Bihar have done, Open the car door and pull you out”.