Published On : Wed, Aug 31st, 2016

Special Branch of Nagpur Police to be revamped

Special Branch of Nagpur Police
: In an attempt to enhance the intelligence gathering mechanism and to better the policing in the city, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Branch) Ishu Sindhu has decided to bring about certain drastic changes in the Branch.

According to reliable sources, with the nod from the new Commissioner of Police Dr K Venkyatesham, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Branch) Ishu Sindhu has planned to enhance the intelligence gathering mechanism with the help of police personnel of Special Branch without any police personnel of any police station even getting a whiff of the information gathered.

According to the new plan, the police personnel of the Special Branch will be gathering and monitoring intelligence and information of every area in the city. A centralized dossier will be made to gather intelligence and information.

This vital and sensitive information will relate to the following:

  • Chronic trouble makers of the area.
  • Chronic trouble making leaders who incites the masses into public unrest.
  • The political leaders, their staunch followers and party activists who are known to create and favour public unrest over some or the other issues.
  • Habitual offenders, their acquaintances, relatives, aides, frequent location, favourite haunts etc.
  • The gambling dens, hookah parlours, the places and persons involved in flesh trade, drug peddlers, drug buyers, addicts etc.
  • The Clubs, Meeting points, Halls, etc.
  • The eateries, hotels, restaurants, bars in the area. Their timings allocated.
  • The location of every CCTV camera installed on shops, bungalows, business-establishments etc in the area.

Based on the directives of the new Commissioner of Police Dr K Venkyatesham, DCP Ishu Sindhu wants to identify and weed out certain black sheep in the police force.

Accordingly, the cops of the Special Branch will gather all information on all known police personnel who are on the wrong. This includes:

  • Is the behavior of the In-Charge Police Inspectors rude with the staff or public at large?
  • What is the working atmosphere of the police station?
  • Those Traffic Cops who are known to accept bribes to let off traffic violators.
  • Who are the money (hafta) collectors for the Police Inspectors.
  • Those cops from the Commando or Beat Marshals or DB Squad who are friendly with offenders and accept monitory or other favours from goons.
  • Those cops who have amassed wealth from unaccountable sources.
  • Those Inspectors who are known to accept bribes to permit certain goons from operating illegal activities.
  • Those senior police officials who ignore or fail to take legal action against offenders with certain political umbrage, criminal intimidation.
  • The illegal interpersonal relationships of senior police officials.

With this enormous work load envisaged by Deputy Commissioner of Police Ishu Sindhu, the Special Branch is no more going to be a penal posting or a resting place. This Branch is now going to be a power hub, collecting, segregating and assimilating information about every inch of the city.

According to reliable sources, this creation of central and individual dossiers on information will help the police personnel of Special Branch, is curtailing and preventing any public unrest from spreading. Immediate arrest or nabbing the trouble makers will curtail any trouble or public unrest from assuming larger proportions. This will help the cops nip the bud at the beginning. The information gathered is going to be reported directly to the Commissioner of Police Dr K Venkyatesham by DCP Ishu Sindhu.

All the personnel of the Special Branch will report the intelligence gathered at 9:30 am every day.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Ishu Sindhu has constituted five teams, one for each Zone. A special Women Squad which will work in all the Zones. The members of the team will be in the field throughout the day. The team will gathered all the information based on the points mentioned above and will report to DCP Ishu Sindhu at 9:30 the next day before going back into the field.

Reliable sources also informed that the personnel of the Special Branch will remain alert 24X7 and will work in shifts.

As soon as Deputy Commissioner of Police Ishu Sindhu took charge of the Special Branch, for the first time in the history of the department a common meeting (Durbar) was held with the personnel of Special Investigation Team (SIT), Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Special Branch (SB) at the Special Branch office premises. Sources claimed that a similar meeting will be held every fortnight. DCP Ishu Sindhu has envisaged and planned that all the three divisions i.e. IB, SIT and SB will work in co-ordination with each other. Information and resources sharing will enhance the working of all the three branches.

The information of such improved working of Special Branch has caused ripples in the Police Department. Many Senior Police Inspectors who are In-charge of police station have already initiated the winding up measures of all illegal activities in their jurisdiction. Almost every cops is careful of every step he is taking, since every wrong step could be construed as illegal and could land him or her in trouble.

By Samuel Gunasekharan and Ravikant Kamble