Published On : Wed, Aug 31st, 2016

Hotel Bajrang – Playing A ‘Meaty’ Role In The Lives Of Nagpur Foodies!

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If you happen to ask this ‘brainy question’ to any Nagpurian, he will have only one reply – Bajrang Hotel! You still want to know the question? Well, it is:

“Where does one go for the best Bheja Masala in the city?” It is not in the East or West or South – only Jaripatka in North Nagpur has the famous Bajrang Hotel that will not only serve Nagpur’s beloved ‘mutton curry’ but also other mutton-related items like ‘Tilli curry’, Bheja curry, Kheema, Kebab curry, Kaleji curry, mutton chop curry and mutton boneless curry!

You can bet not even a fancy dining place in Nagpur has such choice when it comes to mutton!

The idea of cooking and serving all these variations first occurred to Mohanlal Kachela, father of the present owners, almost 50 years ago. Like the first Saoji restaurant of the city, he also set up shop near the main Bus Stand off Ghat road. This is where farmers and others came into the city and needed food. All action was here. Unfortunately, too much of it!

Mohanlal soon discovered that safety was an issue. Almost every other day he was looted of his day’s earnings in daylight robberies and goondagardi. He was a Sindhi living in Jaripatka, so he shifted his base there serving his non veg goodies from a ‘thela’ first. This became so successful that he again shifted – to his home. Half their family house was converted into an eatery and even women-folk contributed to making of masalas. Now the entire home has shifted elsewhere and the hotel occupies all the space.

“We do not make Saoji mutton, our curries are like home made non-veg food. Our onion, garlic, ginger based curry is so popular that we spend half the day making this curry and other preparations. Opening shop in the afternoon, we are ready to begin serving food finally by 5 PM”

When you visit Bajrang, you will find all items mentioned cleaned, parboiled and made ready to be ‘curried’. The menu is on the back side of a visiting card – or laid out to be visually inspected. You order anything – and it is served piping hot in 5 minutes flat, made right in front of you! This is arguably an eatery with the city’s fasted service – cooked and served by the owners, Manohar or younger brother Amit.

There is a ‘statuary warning’ – Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays are complete sell-outs. So if your tummy craves brain on these days, go early.

Get in touch : Manohar and Amit Kachela (the owners)


Jaripatka, Nagpur.


8888328787, 9822464774