Published On : Tue, Jul 7th, 2015

‘SPARSH’ adds to the glory of Marathi Drama in Nagpur



It is widely believed that people of Nagpur are deprived of quality Marathi Stage Dramas, as majority of popular Marathi stage dramas are reluctant to come to Nagpur due to inconvenience of administration and fee issues. On the other hand, Marathi Drama Culture is grass rooted in Mumbai and Pune with special devoted Natya mandirs and excellent dramas, Directors, and productions.


Considering the above aspects, two years back, a few dynamic lads who share like mindset came together to address this issue. The group then grew as ‘SPARSH Charitable Society’ which was formed under founder President, Ajay Uplanchiwar duly supported by Anand Kunnawar, Vivek Kunnawar, and Jitendra Upganlawar, Sarang Upganlawar, Prafulla Rewatkar, Sachin Mukewar, Pravin Jain, Dhananjay Thakre, Pankaj Mahajan, Prashant Wazarkar, Satish Damkondawar, Tushar Padgilwar, Adv Prasad Abhyankar, Parag Dasarwar, Harshad Bhishikar.

The sole purpose of SPARSH Charitable Society was to nurture the Marathi Drama Culture in Vidarbha region, wherein it committed to show five top-most Marathi Dramas each year to its members.  SPARSH started its operations two years back with huge response from art-lovers and Marathi speaking audience. In these two years, SPARSH has arranged 11 dramas for its members. These include Pati Sagle Uchapati, Eka Lagnachi dusri Gosht, Sukhanshi Bhandto Amhi, Bechki, Ekda pahu na karun. All the Best (First Year 2013) and Tom and Jerry, Beiman, Mr and Mrs, Alibaba ani chalishitle chor, Ayushyawar bolu kahi (Second Year 2014).

This year too, SPARSH is going to arrange one Marathi drama each in August, September, October, January and February. Defying to compromise with the quality of Marathi drama, SPARSH has its team of expert advisors Jitendra Upganlawar (Pune), Ajay Uplanchiwar, Secretary Prafulla Rewatkar, who select drama after thorough screening and put all efforts to bring the drama at Nagpur.

SPARSH is also devoted to promote regional Marathi Drama Producers, Directors and Actors, and is planning to include at least one drama of their standard. It has been observed, when Good Marathi Drama producers are reluctant to bring their drama in Nagpur for the issue of fees; SPARSH ensured that they get enough to provide the quality drama for its members.

As a part of our social and cultural commitment, SPARSH is also planning three major awards for the dignitaries who have given immense contribution to the fields of Cultural, Social, and Vidarbha Development .

President Sarang Upganlawar, Vice President Vivek Kunnawar, Secretary Prafulla Rewatkar, Treasurer Sachin Mukewar, and Founder President Ajay Uplanchiwar addressed the press Conference.

SPARSH offers annual membership of Premium (Rs. 6000), Platinum (Rs. 4500), Diamond (Rs. 3000) and Gold (Rs. 2000). The Premium membership of Rs. 6000 is closed. Few memberships are left with other categories. Those who are interested in annual SPARSH Membership can contact  0712 2288965.