Published On : Mon, Jul 21st, 2014

Spanco replaced faulty meter but no respite from inflated bills; Citizen smells rat

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Despite assurances from Spanco (SNDL) that the consumers will get proper power bills after the faulty meters will be replaced, many still face grossly inflated bills. Many people complaint about the faulty meters installed by the company. Citizens are claiming that they are receiving three times their normal bills. The latest case is of Charandas Thul, a resident of Rambagh who got bill of Rs. 3540 for the period between 20/5/14 to 19/6/14 and claims that the bill amount was not appropriate as they did not use this much electricity. According to Charandas Thul, he never received electricity bill above 1300 in the past 35 years and suddenly after Spanco changed the old meter he got the multiplied bill of Rs.3540. Charandas Thul paid bill amount of 1280 for the period of 19/4/14 to 20/5/14 and for the very next month he received the inflated bill. Now he is running pillar to post to get the bill corrected but to no avail.

According to Charandas, the old meter was replaced by the company on June, 2, 2014 and if Charandas is to be believed, the meter ran surprisingly fast.

Meter works even when there’s no consumption

Even when he switched off all the electric appliances and lights of the home the meter was running. Charandas  gave an application to the Spanco office regarding this and an engineer came to check the meter. The engineer declared the meter is faulty and the meter was replaced on June 10, 2014.

Charandas thought that now when the meter was changed he will get proper bill but when he received the bill for the period of 20/5/14 to 19/6/14 he was shocked seeing the bill as it was Rs 3540 for May. For the period of April-May Charandas got bill of 1280 and suddenly he received the bill amounting more than double.

The meter replacement form clearly mentioned that the old meter was faulty but still the Spanco management is not ready to accept that the bill amount is not appropriate.