Published On : Thu, Sep 27th, 2012

Source2rural: A rural BPO social initiative by Maitreya Group

Nagpur News Today : A Dream of a rural BPO took its first step today. Designed by a group of IT engineers and Maitreya rural Growth venture ,an initiative by Maitreya group of companies to create a platform for such social enterprise ideas in rural India.

Informing the dignitaries present at the VIA HQ  Gurudutt Shenoy briefed about the  project, he said that this project  will be based at Wani a rural place in Vidarbha .

The chairman and managing director of Maitreya group of companies Shrimati Varsha Satpalkar said that Maitreya group has always had a special focus on Vidarbha region in all its initiatives and experiment like rural BPO should happen and it will be very successful if this project is implemented.

During the briefing VIA President Praful Doshi and Subash Lode an Oracle consultant  was also present

Addressing the audience Subash said that venture has been designed in 4 phases .The first phase which is already in progress and we have identified 25 youth from varied educational backgrounds and delivery capabilities. We have designed a 1 month program in which we identify 25 youth and train them in 4 different categories. The categories that we will train them are

  1. Digitization
  2. Data Entry
  3. Customer support
  4. Testing

The first phase which consists of customer support would be in done in Hindi and Marathi as it was noticed that today customer support needs to be addressed in the language the customer wants to and seeing the talent pool in rural Vidarbha and their language skills they have decided to add this dimension to the already existing scene of English BPO present all over the country.

The second phase would be to identify whether these 25 people have made the cut and then to put them into 5 groups and check their test delivery capabilities and quality delivery as normally the BPO sector thrives on cost advantage and quality delivery.

There will be 2 more phases which will include finalizing the business verticals and depending on the findings from phase 2, this finding of phase 2 will be the outcome of phase 3 and phase 4 will have a final delivery center at Wani.

Further Shenoy added that these types of social ventures taken up by the Maitreya group can solve issues in rural India. The Maitreya group also provides financial help and development to any new venture that want to add to the society and if this pilot venture of rural BPO archives what it started out to do then we will setup more ventures like this in Vidarbha.

The inauguration would take place today at Wani which would be inaugurated by the chairman of Maitreya Group.