Published On : Sun, Jan 5th, 2014

Sonu Nigam Nite: Yet another event embroiled in controversy

sonunigam-nagpurNagpur News.

The city of Nagpur consisting of cosmopolitan denizens have a large number of hero-worshipers and are ready to do anything to just look and adore the celebrities.

Taking full advantage of this fact, many unscrupulous Event Management Groups or Entertainment Groups are in the look-out for occasions when a Celebrity could be arranged and to mint money. They do not follow the requisite procedures, laid down by the law. They first arrange for sponsors and talk big media groups (Radio, Electronic Media and popular Print Media Groups) into becoming their media partners. Unmindful of the scruples of the Event Managers or Organizers, the media groups too only envisage the advertisement and the popularity such an event will draw. The net result is that many required permissions from local civic bodies, police and others are never sought. The very name of popular and local media giant makes authorities avoid penalizing the organizers for their omissions and commissions.

Nagpur has witnessed many incidents when,

  1. The Celebrity never arrived
  2. The Celebrity making a scene for not receiving the fee amount as promised
  3. The Celebrity not performing what the audience have been promised
  4. The Organizers not getting prior permission from Police
  5. The Celebrity invited involved in controversy causing cancellation of the programme etc.

You name it and the incident has occurred in the city.

The recent Sonu Nigam Nite was not any different from others. Off course, the crooner par excellence did deliver what was expected from him, but the some of the omissions (getting permissions from civic and other bodies) by the organizer has brought ill repute to his fame. The local Media Giant too did not investigate facts before lending its name for such an event. Trusting on an organizer with previous bad record has without doubts caused ill repute to its name too.

Hats off to DCP Zone II and Sadar police for taking action, now we can expect them to bring this matter to the Honourable Courts and the guilty punished or penalized.
In the past too, similar incidents have occurred. The same event company was in controversy for Honey Singh Nite when HC forced to cancel show and sources allege that till date the company has not refunded the cost of tickets and donations and other money collected from people for the show. The Pankaj Udhas Nite is another example which was organised by the organizer Fiable Entertainment group.

In Sonu Nigam Nite, the local authorities should also check if the Police permission was sought or not. How did they sell the tickets, since permissions are required from the local revenue department, from the collector’s office or from the Charity Commissioner to collect donations, sell tickets etc. A part of the money collected is supposed to be paid as entertainment tax too. A No-Objection Certificate is required from the Special Police Branch, from the Traffic Department and from the nearest Police Station.

How long would the denizens of the city be party to such ill-repute? Remaining silent to such brazen law breaking by some Event Managers is becoming party to the crime. A befitting punishment to such unscrupulous Event Managers would act as a deterrent for others. If ignored, soon a time may come when celebrities from the Tinstel town or Bollywood would refuse to come to the city because our city will earn a reputation of a city that has cheating Event Managers.