Solace: 3 liquid oxygen tankers reach Nagpur from Vizag

Nagpur: In a major sigh of relief amid paucity of oxygen, three railway tankers containing liquid tankers containing liquid oxygen supply of 20 metric toone each reached Nagpur from Visakhapatnam (Vizag) on Friday night. Following the cognisance of Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court, Centre Government and District Administration went through the motion that resulted in arrival of much needed oxygen supply to the Second Capital of the State.

Perturbed over distressing deaths in the district owing to paucity of basic medical facilities like beds, oxygen, medicines etc, the HC has recently flanked Centre Government and local administration.

Earlier in the day the Court was informed by the District collector that 160 metric tonnes of liquid oxgen was supplied to Nagpur on April 21, 22 and 23 respectively. Similarly, 3 railway tankers containing liquid oxygen brought from Vizag would be arriving. Accordingly, 5 tankers of liquid oxygen of 20 metric tonne per tanker would be arriving by Saturday morning.

The Collector informed the bench that 9000 cylinders are with hospitals and 9000 cylinders are in the process of refilling at the respective refilling stations of the 11 oxygen distributors.

The bench observed that these numbers of cylinders appears to be adequate, but it appears that it may not be so. We consider the complaints recieved about short supply of oxygen to various covid centre and hospital. Had, the oxygen supply be in order no complaint of non availability or non supply of oxygen would have been received the court and authorities.

The bench considering the suggestions given by VHA president and the respective counsels regarding increasing empty cylinders, which suggested that oxygen is also used extensively in different industries particularly steel industries. Empty cylinders numbering 4300 are available with steel industrial units, fabrication units and Welder shops.

The court opined that these cylinders could be put to use by exercise of appropriate authority and power under the Disaster management Act by which much order could be restored in the chain of supply of oxygen to covid hospitals in Nagpur and Vidarbha region.